I have experience in traditional marketing; can I shift my career to digital marketing?

Yes. Indeed, it is essential in today’s internet age that those with traditional marketing experience also understand the digital marketing sphere.

Can I also become Google AdWords certified?

Yes, you can! Our Google AdWords course is explicitly designed to teach you the concepts of digital campaigns and tools. And once you’ve completed the course, you can gain your Google AdWords certificate after you attend and pass the Google AdWords certification exam.

Is the course theoretical or practical?

The session is a combination of theoretical and practical modules that are taught side by side. Our practical training sessions will also include live sessions and assignments which will help to test and hone your digital marketing skill-set.

Who are the trainers for the digital marketing course?

Our team of trainers are industry experts and includes Samrat Dsouza, Kaushik Mhadeshwar, Jaideep Bir and Kiran Hota. You can check out our “Faculty” page to get a glimpse of our team of faculty.

Do I need to know website designing and programming for the course?

No, it is not necessary for you to know web designing, programming, or website development for this course. However, any previous knowledge or experience in web technologies will of course be an added advantage for you. We will in any case, train you in WordPress technology and aid you in designing and developing your own website.

Do you teach money-making tips and affiliate marketing strategies?

Yes, we do. Our practical training sessions will include you working with Google AdSense and using affiliate marketing strategies on various web platforms.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

No, we don’t offer any money-back guarantee. However, you do have one free demo session that you can attend at the start of the course. You can decide from that first session if you want to join this course.

I haven’t earned a college degree. Can I still be admitted to the course?

You can definitely be admitted! However, any digital marketing job or career requires you to at least have a degree as qualification. So it is advisable that you gain a Bachelor’s. However, it is required that you have at least a basic amount of knowledge about the Internet before you join this course. Being passionate about the course is also a must, because that’s the kind of industry this is.

Is there any entrance exam I have to take?

Yes. You will have to take a simple aptitude test to attest that you understand the basics about the Internet. But the test’s main purpose is to check your level of knowledge about the Internet.

Do you give any kind of discount or scholarship?

Yes! If you refer a friend who joins this course, you get a 5% discount. And the first rank holder in the merit list of our entrance aptitude test will be given a scholarship to the course.

Can we earn a lot of money as an affiliate marketer after doing this course?

We aren’t going to paint a picture of a perfect money-making gig to mislead you. In reality, once you complete our course and gain the respective certification, you have every opportunity to succeed in this field and attain success. Yes, you can earn money as a freelance affiliate marketer, and if you’re good at it, you can even earn a good amount. However, like any creative venture, it will require a great amount of patience and skill on your part (and even luck!).  There is no quick-fix or guarantee in anything; for if there was, everyone would be doing it already.