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career in android development in india

Why a Career in Android Development is the Next Big Thing

career in android development in india

You’ve already heard about the Android platform and Android apps on Google Play Store, we’ll wager. In fact, chances are that you’re probably using an Android device right now and are also running an Android app on your device without even thinking about it. It’s sort of a given in India. For, although iOS users are aplenty in the country, the considerably vast majority comprises of Android users.

That being stated, it seems pretty obvious that, consequently, a career in Android development could quite well be the next big thing in the technology job market in India. And all you have to do to enter that job market is to equip yourself with the required skills. But, before we bet to what skills you need and how you can get them, let’s elaborate a little more about the scope of a career in Android development and where all you can find such jobs.

Scope for a Career in Android Development:

Like it was already stated above, the current numbers of Android users in India is steadily increasing and has already surpassed the number of Apple platform users in the country. Hence, there is a huge amount of potential in the current IT sector for jobs relating to the Android applications platform.

For one thing, Android apps for mobile devices are skyrocketing in number. And yet, there is always the need for more such apps. For, it’s not only that Android mobile apps include both free and paid apps that help you in your day to day activities (like tracking your diet or your schedule, for example – among many, many other functions). Rather, in addition to this, practically every website and company (or business or organization) out there needs an Android mobile app of their own, in order to be accessible to the vast number of potential customers who use Android based smartphones more than any other new media device. So of course, in just the Android mobile app development sector, there are already a huge number of Android development job opportunities there for the taking.

Right on the heels of the above job opportunity in Android development is another: Support for Android apps. After all, as technology hastens its way to AI and further and further progress, old apps have to be updated and debugged as well to keep up. Else, they’ll all become obsolete far sooner than you could possibly imagine. Plus, let’s not forget that, however much an app is beta-ed, there will most likely always be some minor bug or the other that escapes through the cracks.

Hence, when these bugs become more apparent once Android users download and start using this app, there has to be a technical support team (or person even, perhaps) to sort out these bugs as and when they become apparent, or even to guide a user into adjusting the app for optimal use themselves. Plus, as apps are updated, more features are added to the Android app too. And this too, will require the expertise of technical support.

Yet another category of jobs that you can additionally consider if you’re planning to enter the Android development job market is one in Android hardware solutions. For instance, you could go for jobs that require Android customization or Android optimization, or even a job related to Android platform-based device drivers (among other, similar options).

The “Money” Aspect of Getting a Job in Android Development:

Whatever field of career we go to, one primary factor anyone will consider is the salary or money one can expect to make in the field. So, here’s what a career in Android development will get you: Salaries start from Rs. 15,000 a month and range up to Rs. 18,000 a month, depending on the candidate’s experience, expertise, and position sought for. And, considering the growth of Android development job opportunities in the country, you can be sure that the remuneration is only set to rise even higher as time goes by.

All you’ll have to do to secure yourself is make sure you have the requisite skills for the job and never stop updating yourself regarding the changing technologies of your field.

The Skills Required for a Career in Android Development and How to Obtain Those Skills: 

Knowing Java is a must if you want to go for a career in Android development, as most Android apps are written primarily in Java. However, knowing Java alone isn’t enough.

To be adept and skilled enough to get a job as an Android professional, you not only need to learn Java, but you also need to learn HTML and other programming languages along with a number of general technical skills. Basically, drown yourself in object oriented programming and all the related languages that you can learn and fill your head with. Also, work to get a keen understanding about user interface (UI) as well. And just these two aspects (that is, learning about object oriented programming and UI) will give you marked advantage over others competing with you in this field.

The basic idea behind gaining these above-mentioned skills is that adept Android developers should be able to juggle and switch between programming languages easily as well as understand the necessity of and how to create a good UI. Generally, Android developers will have to learn and manage a new syntax when it comes to programming code. So understanding the workings of various object oriented program code is necessary.

As for how one might gain these skills, the simplest method would be to join a training institute for Android programming. Online training institutes and online training courses for Android development will work well too. But if you’re someone who needs a hands-on experience to learn, joining a regular training institute would work best. Thinking innovatively and being adaptable to different kinds of syntax is essential in this field too. And that’s something a training institute will help you with as well.

The opportunities in this field are vast and (currently) still growing, while there is a huge dearth of proficient professionals. So all you really need is the right skill-set and passion to find a great career in Android development.





E-Commerce Jobs in Mumbai Just for You! – Updated on 16th November 2015

E-commerce jobs in mumbai just for you


E-commerce or online commerce, refers to business platforms that functions online. All manner of online stores and shopping portals are part of the e-commerce realm. And thanks to the current trends in online business and the scope of digital marketing jobs in India, e-commerce jobs are on a rise in India, and there are plenty of digital marketing job opportunities available in e-commerce.

So, if you live in Mumbai and are interested in a career in e-commerce, start of your job search by checking out the following links for some e-commerce jobs in Mumbai:


Actis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

actis technologies






Actis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company that deals with creating and designing online infrastructure for businesses. In other words, it is an online store for online services. Actis’s considerable online communication and organizational services include digital entertainment, marketing and presentation, unified communication, and the like. Presently, the firm has openings for the post of E-commerce Manager in the company.



Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

godrej and boyce e-commerce jobs in mumbai




Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. is a company that primarily deals with consumer products. It is, at its core, a manufacturing company – both for high tech engineering solutions as well as for consumer products. It is a common household name in India, and this brand has a reputation that it deals with and offers world class products. Currently, this firm has openings for the post of E-commerce Manager in the company.


Glanbia Performance Nutrition India

glanbia performance nutrition







Glanbia Performance Nutrition India is part of the Glanbia Nutritionals company, which is a globally recognized company. It is a company firmly based in nutrition related services. The company works to satisfy their clients nutritional and micronutrient needs and offers customized solutions for the same. Micronutrient premixes that are tailored to each customer, and solutions based on individual ingredient needs, make up the core of this company’s services. Presently, the company has job openings in Mumbai for the post of E-commerce Manager (India).



Aditya Birla Money My Universe

aditya birla group e-commerce jobs in mumbai





Aditya Birla Money My Universe is an online platform that works to aid users in managing their personal finance. This online platform or e-commerce platform is a part of the Aditya Birla Group of companies. This platform is also available on a mobile app named the “MyUniverse” app. The aim of this website and app is to give users an online, replete, and ready view to users of their financial world. And, at the moment, this company has great job openings for the post of E-commerce Campaign Manager.




United Three Endeavours Pvt. Ltd.

united three endeavours creative agencies in mumbai




United Three Endeavours Pvt. Ltd. is the main parent company for this job. This company has two brands under it called “Be For Bag”, and “BagForever”. Be For Bag is primarily a brand for fashionable bags (mostly canvas bags) that are targeted towards the youth as the main customers for this brand. It is an e-commerce brand and it has its products up for sale on multiple, renowned e-commerce sites as well. BagForever also has a fashionable slant to its products, i.e., bags. But the main angle here is an environment friendly approach: Mainly, this brand focuses on encouraging people to re-use bags and get rid of “plastic bags” as a whole. Presently, the company has job openings available for the post of E-commerce Executive on their team.



HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd.

hdfc standard life sar utha ke jiyo







HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. is a leading life insurance company in India. This company offers policies for both individuals as well as groups. The company is known for its strong finance background. And their financial strength and background has already seen them live a long, long life in this industry. Right now, the firm has great openings for the post of Digital Marketing & E-commerce Deputy Manager in the company.



Texperts India Pvt. Ltd.

texperts e-commerce jobs in mumbai





Texperts India Pvt. Ltd. is a company that deals with textiles. Texperts India Pvt. Ltd. specifically refers to the Indian branch of the globally recognized Texperts company. The company has its main Indian base in Mumbai. This company’s main dealings regarding its products and services include textile marketing, textile sourcing, and garment buying. And, at the moment, this business entity has job openings available for the post of E-commerce Head.



HDFC Bank Limited

hdfc bank





HDFC Bank Limited is a premier finance company in India. Currently, this bank has a nationwide network across India. HDFC Bank Limited has gained numerous awards and accolades to its name over time – both at a national and international level. You’ll hardly find a single adult Indian citizen who has not heard of this bank. And, currently, they have job openings for the post of E-commerce Product Manager in their company.




Bhejo E-commerce Pvt. Ltd.

ibhejo e-commerce jobs in mumbai





Bhejo E-commerce Pvt. Ltd. is a product delivery service company and e-commerce store. It is a firm that is based in Mumbai. They provide local delivery services for a wide variety of products that users can purchase online. Currently, they have openings available for the post of E-commerce Online Marketing Manager in the company.



Adani Exports Ltd.

adani e-commerce jobs in mumbai




Adani Exports Ltd. is a company that primarily deals with exports and related services. The company is located in the Andheri West region of Mumbai. At the moment, this firm has openings for the post of E-commerce Online Sales & Marketing in the company.

mirraw e-commerce jobs in mumbai





 is a leading online jewellery store and e-commerce website. It is based in Mumbai. This company’s products mainly revolve around artificial fashion jewellery and a variety of other fashion products – most of which follow a more ethnic style of design. This e-commerce store has a 24/7 presence online. Currently, this firm has openings for the post of E-commerce Category Executive in the company.






Digital Makeover with Mobile Marketing and Advertising

With increase in mobile marketing and advertising, mobile is no longer considered an emerging channel. Along with social media, it’s become an essential part of every digital marketing and advertising strategy. People worldwide are mostly engaged to their mobile screens, which has generated mobile data traffic.















In 1940, the first mobile technology was only available in taxis, police cars, long- haul trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles. And in 1993, the first smartphone (with touchscreen) – IBM Simon was launched by IBM. Today, the power of computer is in the palm of your hand; and mobile network subscription with over seven billion people.

Mobile marketing and advertising can reach anybody and everybody, located anywhere, with advertisements reaching their mobile and gauging user attention. Although user’s attention is short, it is frequent – smart phone users check their phones at least 150 times in a day. Smart phones generate loads of data about their user which can be used to push mobile advertisements to a particular target market. Moreover, with the introduction of 4G, faster mobile speed is not a worry.

Mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB) is at the intersection of two of the fastest growing areas within digital advertising as a whole, programmatic buying and mobile advertising. It went mainstream in 2013 with the Twitter acquisition of MoPub, an early leader in mobile RTB technology.However,the explosion in mobile advertising and marketing was as predicted by Google in 2009 by acquisition of Admob for 750 Million Dollar.

In mobile advertisements, it’s the quality traffic that matters rather than just quantity. Henceforth, Cost Per Engagement (CPE) and Cost Per View (CPV) will become the main purchasing models while Cost Per Mille (CPM) will slowly be opted out. Mobile marketing will be more expensive with effective and engaging advertisements. As increasing numbers of users take to mobile devices, brands will adjust their spending budgets with larger allocation to mobile marketing and advertisements.

Users who previously browsed the web on their computers, are now performing 70% of this activity on their mobile phones or tablets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vine, and others are drastically becoming  mobile first media and as a brand – being where your consumers are, should be an important step to building your business.

Since the user’s time spent on mobile advertisement is short, creative concept is to be implemented such as dynamic information (including weather or location), integrated mini-game activities, ads responsive to tilts or shakes, or other form of interactivity marketing strategy.
Ad formats in Mobile Advertising are normally standard banners, or expandable banners ( proposed for higher brand recall). Innovative rich media ads, Interstitial Ads, App lists Ads ( variety of apps in a list form) and Video ( Five- and 10-second mobile video spots widely accepted).

Types Of Mobile Marketing and Advertising Strategies

The strategy will depend on your industry or service, target audience, and budget.

App-based marketing:  This Mobile advertising involves mobile apps. There are more than 800000 apps,30 billion downloads and more than 2 billion smartphone users. Services like Google AdMob help create mobile ads within mobile apps.

In-game mobile marketing: This mobile marketing refers to mobile ads that appear within mobile games. These mobile ads can appear as banner pop-ups, full-page image or even video ads that appear between loading screens.

QR codes: QR codes are scanned by users, who are then taken to a specific webpage (to which the code is attached to).

Location-based marketing: Location-based mobile ads are ads that appear on mobile devices based upon user’s location relative to a specific area or business.















Mobile Search ads: Basic Google search ads built for mobile, also featuring add-on extensions like click-to-call or maps.

Mobile Image ads: Image-based ads designed to appear on mobile devices.

SMS: SMS marketing involves feeding a user’s mobile number and sending them text offers.

Mobile rich media advertisements have the ability to increase user’s level of engagement, while mobile search ads is a digital rage with click-to call – this generates genuine users calling for information, who are in consideration stage. This afterthought is why top and mid segment industries have started allocating a budget for mobile marketing and advertising strategy. With Google’s launch of mobile app ads on Search and Youtube, app developers and advertisers can target audience based on their online behavior.

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Google Pushes Mobile App Ads on YouTube and Search

Google has introduced a niche market plan for mobile app developers and advertisers – now, promoting your app is an easy 3 step flow on Search and Youtube. By launching this mobile advertising plan, Google has

Given mobile app ads a new media to target audience.


HTML Web Developer Required at SocioOffice | Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description :-

  1. Experience with AJAX and JavaScript frameworks like jQuery.

2. Proficiency with HTML and CSS and how to integrate in a standards-based fashion with each other, table less layout and JavaScript.

3. Expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, Responsive Design, Bootstrap Framework, 960 grid Framework, Jquery UI, jQuery Mobile.

4. HTML5 and CSS3 experience is necessary.

5. Experience with cross-platform (mobile, desktop/laptop, tablet) and cross-browser development.

6. Proficiency with HTML5 and CSS3 and how to integrate in a standards-based fashion with each other and JavaScript.

7. Good understanding in angular.js or any other MVC JavaScript Framework to develop single applications

8. Exposure and experience in developing HTML5 Hybrid apps for IPAD/I Phone or Android devices.

Candidate Profile :-

REquired skills-

HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap Framework, 960 Framework, Angular.js, psd to HTML 5, CSS 3, JSON, XML, Jquery, JavaScript.

Company Profile :-

Socioffice is a software company



Freelance Jquery Developer Required at Publisis Istrat | Job in Gurgaon | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description :-

  • Good experience in JQuery Coding, Modification, Configuration and JavaScript development is must.
  • Should have good experience in UI development.
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS3, XHTML/HTML
  • Develop web-based user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Good to have – experience coding back-end solutions using server-side PHP and MySQL technologies
  • Working knowledge of AJAX and JSP development a PLUS
  • Strong Object oriented programming concepts and design.

Candidate Profile :-

They are looking for talented web developers for working on next-generation experiences that are compatible with browsers, iPads, tablets, and mobile devices. This individual should be an expert in jQuery (JavaScript), HTML, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to develop user interfaces. These applications will be utilized inside the browser, be able to run off any hosting account, cross browser development with standards compliant solutions.

Company Profile :-


iStrat is a New Digital Media company based in New Delhi and Gurgaon, India, with international marketing offices in Australia & USA. The Company has been in the business of new media for nearly two decades. iStrat offers a wide range of innovative and highly creative digital communication solutions delivered through six Strategic Business Units:


Front End Developer Required at Socktail | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description :-

A social marketplace for sharing, following and shopping amazing products. We are hiring front end developer.

Candidate Profile :-

  • Obsessed about web
  • Passionate about creativity
  • HTML5, CSSs, Bootstrap, Java Script, Content writing, designing
  • Originality
  • Love surfing the internet and learning interesting things
  • Ready to work hard
  • Self-learner, team player yet independent

Company Profile :-

It’s a social marketplace for sharing, following and shopping amazing products.


Job Openings for Hybrid Mobile Application Developer at ZANEC Soft Tech Pvt | Job in Chennai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description :-

Experience in both native mobile app development and hybrid architectures leveraging HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Expert in cross mobile application frameworks like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch and Titanium.

Candidate Profile :-

Education :

UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization PG – Any Postgraduate – Any Specialization

Company Profile :-

ZANEC Soft Tech Pvt Ltd

ZANEC is an innovative product development company based out of Chennai. We have our presence in the UK and in the US. We have been working exciting products in healthcare, logistics and public services domains.


Job Opening for PHP Website & Mobile Application Tester at Wildnet Technologies | Job in Noida | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description :-

Preparing Test Cases.
Experience of working on PHP website & E-commerce is must.
Experience in testing the mobile applications like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry.
Crashes of the application report to the respective team.

Candidate Profile :-

Education :

UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization
PG – Any Postgraduate – Any Specialization.

Should have hands on experience in web based testing.
Must have at least 2 years of experience in Manual Testing.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Company Profile :-

Wildnet Technologies Pvt Ltd

We are an established ISO Certified 9001:2008 and Google Certified Partner. At present, we have regular clientele in US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. Our six year old entity is today a robust team of 300 plus employees.


Job Openings for Mobile apps Designer (android / IOS) at ADI Softech Pvt. Ltd | Job in Indore | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description :-

Should know Adobe Photoshop CS 5,6,Adobe Illustrator CS 5,6,Corel Draw X4,X5 ,Adobe Indesign, Adobe Fireworks CS 5,6 good with HTML 5, J Query,Java Script,should know dreamweaver flash ,good designing skills and should be creative.

Candidate Profile :-

Education :

UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization
PG – Post Graduation Not Required

We are looking for Mobile application designer for android and ios. should posses good designing skills. Candidates who are not willing to relocate need not apply.

Company Profile :-

ADI Softech Pvt. Ltd

We are a fast growing company which specializes in .NET/Android/iOS/PHP solutions. We are a solutions provider and have been working on medium to large scale projects on the above mentioned technologies.


Job Opening for Technical Architect for Mobile Applications at iQuest Consultants | Job in Pune | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Descriptions :-

The experience should cover:
Providing solutions for following mobile platforms, at least:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Expertise in building the native/online applications for the above devices

Exposure to Design patterns in implementation
Integration of mobile solutions with different technologies, databases, webservices, LMSs, SSO implementation, etc.
Hands on experience developing applications in Rich Internet Application, E-learning, and Social Networking
eLearning domains: Flex, Flash (AS 3.0), FMS, HTML5 and Ajax
JavaScript Libraries and frameworks: jQuery, Sencha Tools, JQMobi, etc.

Candidate Profile :-

Education :

UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization
PG – Post Graduation Not Required

Company Profile :-


iQuest Started in the year 2000. Its one of the biggest IT, Telecom, Engineering and BFSI recruiters in India. Global expanse of clientele including Mauritius, Gulf & APAC. Nine centres across India – Two each in Pune, Mumbai and Noida; and one each in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Client base of over 350 clients including Deloitte, KPMG, E&Y, Goldman Sachs, RBS, Standard Chartered, Tech Mahindra, Cable & Wireless, Samsung, Nokia etc