SEO Careers in India : A primer

SEO Careers in India  A primer

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Skills required for a successful SEO career

Right so we will be talking about careers in search engine optimization or SEO and we’ll be talking about the skills of prerequisites required,  various roles available in agencies and companies, what are your professional career options which are present and in the end ways to upskill.

one is the competitions and keyword research

which is really understanding. Why is competition on the top for certain keywords on doing the keyword researcher with respect to a category in which you are which is trying to understand what is it that people are searching for what is trending and hence what is it that we should run talk with respect to the keywords.

Next is On-Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization

Next comes the on-page optimization which is after you’ve identified the keywords you want to ensure that Google Recognizes you as for those keywords so on page optimization is all about how you implement those keywords soon to your website. Then comes off page optimization or Link building which is trying to improve the increase in number and the number of links increases the number and the quality of Link’s which you can get from outside your website but that also plays a part too with respect to Ranking.

Then is Technical SEO

And Technical SEO which is a more advanced SEO kind of activity which involves checking the overall health of your website and by that I mean including the speed up I mean range of things which that which would be included within that for example things like including your speed up a website including the data architecture including the way the layout it Could be including the usability so those are things which come under technical SEO. So these are things Which any SEO department would entail and move on to the skills keyword research is like a primary skin within for any SEO professional all the time would be spent understanding which keywords are being searched historically and one of the new keywords and understanding the search volume associated with each of those keywords or for the various geographies then is basic understanding of the backend of modern websites because end of the day. Technical SEO entails having a basic understanding of how stuff like your WordPress and Drupal all these modern content management systems, you should also be comfortable with changing the tags and the content of a website. You should be able to so actually go ahead and change things at the back end who’s available. let’s look at some actual job descriptions.

SEO Associate and Manager

Things Involved basically are on a page and off page activities. Reporting is also an important skill also.

Account Manager For SEO Campaigns

Account manager for SEO campaigns would mean that you are the face of the agency in front of the client and you try and work with a client with respect to what else can be done in the ranking of a website you are responsible recording success and for basically showing what-what is the plan for a next few months

E-Commerce SEO Manager

The first things we are working with SEO e-commerce company the environment is more aggressive the expectations that put on the table are more aggressive you need to be stronger with respect to your SEO fundamental with respect technical SEO and you need to really understand the systems on which the website is being built. Any establishes SEO professionals will tell you that for the biggest factors of ranking websites today how much they are shared on social so there is a symbiotic relationship between SEO and social media. You should be able to understand the more technical aspects of website management and tell Google what your website is all about by having right kind of information architecture.  

End-To-End Website Management Role

If would you be doing SEO for a couple of years you can fit your candidate into a role requiring managing the website on an end to end basis in end in any user company kind of scenario.

Website Analytics Roles

website analytics is a way to differentiate yourself in the market today and that hence we mention this separately.