List of Digital Marketing Jobs Related to Web Analytics in New Mumbai and Vashi – Updated on 11th November 2015

  Web Analytics jobs, which are also referred to as Google Analytics and Digital Analytics/Analyst jobs, concerns collecting, measuring, and analysing online “Web” data using web analytical tools. Web analytics tools and techniques is the analysing and research aspect of digital marketing. Simply, this is where web traffic patterns, and post reach, and user clicks are measured and analysed to derive user patterns and visits online. Then, this data is used to figure out how to improve Read more [...]

Web Analytics Jobs in Mumbai that Should Give You a Leg Up – Updated on 11th November 2015

Web Analytics or Web Analyst jobs(also referred to as Google Analytics and Digital Analytics/Analyst jobs) are related to jobs where one’s priority is to analyse various digital data by utilizing web analytics tools. This helps various digital and online marketing strategies to be considered, tweaked, and manipulated for better effectiveness on the cyber platform. Web Analytics is also excellent for finding out the current pulse of a certain online demographic or to find out what kind of content Read more [...]
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Get a Jump-Start on Web/Google AnalyticsJobs in Bangalore – Updated on 17th October 2015

Web Analytics jobs, which are also referred to as Google Analytics and Digital Analytics/Analyst jobs, concerns analysing digital data using web analytics tools. This is so the respective insights and effectiveness of various digital marketing strategies are brought to light and can then be manipulated for better effectiveness. (Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used web analysis tools in this job.) There is a wonderful range of digital web analytics jobs in Bangalore, as well as Read more [...]

Search & Social Media Marketing Specialist Required at 3M Digital Networks Pvt Ltd | Job in Bangalore | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description :- Social Media Marketing: optimise, maintain, monitor and lead the platforms and any marketing strategies carried out in them: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, Pinterest, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Google+, Flickr, etc. - Content creation and management: content marketing. - Interaction with users: community engagement. - Social commerce: leads, calls to action and conversions in social media. - Monitoring: online media, information sources and social channels. - Measurements Read more [...]

Job Openings for Creative Director, Web Analytics Manager, Content Writer at Convonix | Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Summary Convonix is one of India's premium internet marketing service providers with a multitude of satisfied clients under their hood. Besides providing top notch internet marketing to direct clients, Convonix also provides excellent outsourcing opportunity to overseas SEO firms that wish to outsource entire Internet Marketing projects to India. Founded in 2003, Convonix has evolved from being the 1st Search Engine Optimization organization in India to becoming an Integrated Digital Marketing Read more [...]