Social media marketing gives you direct access to a vast audience and allows you to communicate in an engaging fashion with your market. Social media platforms like You-Tube, Twitter, Linked-in, Facebook are becoming more than just a consumer engagement mechanism. Businesses rely on effective communication and social media marketing can help facilitate the discussion. The reality is that SMO jobs have picked up and the corresponding salary ranges have gone up for each level like social media manager, SMO executive etc.

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Top Social Media Jobs in Navi mumbai and Vashi – Updated on 30th January 2016

Mumbai so called the “Sapno ki Nagri” has lot to offer to aspiring entrant. Be it the traditional media or online media the scope is tremendous. Social media is catching up fast amongst marketers. So let’s just do a quick recap on social media, we will not tell you what is it, of sure you know itJ. But what all fall under the umbrella? It’s beyond Facebook, Twitter, its utility in form of social applications, online communities, social campaigns etc. Social media is not a platform for Read more [...]

Social Media Jobs in Pune for Social Media Enthusiasts – Updated on 8th November 2015

Are you someone who spends many, many happy hours browsing through and sharing updates via your social media accounts? Do you have multiple social media accounts over various social media platforms on the Web? Have you already synced your social media accounts to your smartphone via the respective mobile apps so that you are updated of every notification the moment it arrives? And are you known among your friends as “always online”? If you answered yes to three or more of the above question, Read more [...]

Social Media Jobs for Those in Love with Social Media in New Mumbai and Vashi – Updated on 14th November 2015

  Are you someone who spends all their time browsing through social media? Do you perhaps get all possible news updates from social media and RSS feeds you’ve signed up for? Do you maintain blogs or blogs or even audio blogs? Or do you perhaps create snatches of content regularly online and share it to your friends list or even the world via your social media accounts? Perhaps you keep track of new updates and tools available on social media? And you perhaps think that social media Read more [...]
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Lucrative Social Media (SMO) Jobs in Bangalore – Updated on 30th October 2015

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the manipulation of social media content. Such content is then posted as updates on the respective social media account(s). The idea behind this is to make the updates engaging enough so that they will be shared by users and, in turn, influence traffic towards those social media pages and the related websites. Brand awareness and reach is the core responsibility of social media marketing jobs. The main difference between social media optimization (and Read more [...]
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Social Media Optimization and Marketing Job Openings in Mumbai for 2015 – Updated on 14th September 2015

With the scope of digital marketing jobs in India flourishing, social media jobs especially have risen through the roof. What exactly does a social media job entail though? SMO/SMM jobs or social media jobs fall into two broad categories: Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). Since both these online marketing techniques are used on the social media platform, it’s come about that the two terms are often used interchangeable. Technically though, SMO refers to using Read more [...]