Top SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques for Better SEO Ranking

SEO Onpage Optimization TechniquesOn-page optimization is an integral part of SEO. It is the key ingredient that helps you to rank your website on the first page for targeted keywords. However, many people are confused about what are the exact SEO onpage optimization techniques.

Hence, in this article, you can discover the most important SEO onpage techniques. You can also know how to apply these techniques for better ranking. These techniques include; optimization at the domain/sub-domain level, URL & meta tags optimization & overall content optimization. You can also know how to optimize the technical aspects of a website for better ranking.

SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques for Domain|Sub-Domain

Your domain and sub-domain play an important role in your website’s ranking. Below you can see the Onpage optimization techniques with regards to your website’s domain or sub-domain.

The Domain Name must be Keyword rich

SEO Onpage Optimization TechniquesA user types certain keywords or phrases in the search engine when he searches on the internet. If your domain name contains these keywords, then your website will rank better for that particular keyword. So select domain or sub-domain names that have your targeted keywords.

The Domain’s Age Plays an Important Role

If you do an analysis on, you will understand that most of the website’s that rank on the first page have old domains. Hence, it is clear that the age of the domain plays an important role in your ranking. However, this technique is a matter of time. To see the results of this method, you will have to wait.

Domain Name should be Simple

Don’t select a long domain name or a very short one. Select a domain name that a user can easily type. This is a critical factor especially when your website’s fame is subjected to word of mouth.

SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques for URL & Meta Tags

SEO Onpage Optimization TechniquesURL & Meta tags play an important role in your website’s ranking as well. Let’s have a look at the SEO Onpage optimization techniques involved at the URL & Meta tag level.

SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques for URL

Now to begin with, let’s say your user’s search query is “social media marketing course”. Naturally, your targeted keyword will be the same. Now let’s take two examples which demonstrate the correct & the incorrect optimization technique at the URL level.

Example 1) Consider a URL like this:

The above URL may not have a good rank on the search page. The main reason is that it is not keyword rich. It does not have our targeted keyword. Also, the URL is not user friendly. This hampers the ranking and credibility of your page.

Example 2) Consider a URL like this: social media marketing course.html

This URL will rank better because it is keyword rich. It has the targeted keyword. Also, this URL is more user friendly. Now let’s take a look upon the Meta level optimization.

SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques for Meta Tags

When you are on a web page, just right click and go to view page source. It will take you to the back-end of the web page. From here you must modify the content of all the Meta tags, Meta titles and Meta description tags.

Meta tags are very important for the crawlers to analyze the relevancy of keywords in the back-end of your web page. Your meta title, meta description & your meta keywords must have the targeted keywords. This SEO onpage technique is an important factor that helps your website rank better.

SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques for Content Strategy

SEO Onpage Optimization TechniquesThe most important SEO Onpage optimization technique is to optimize the content. Please don’t forget that Content is King. Below are few techniques that you can apply as a part of your SEO Onpage optimization strategy:

  • Add the targeted keyword in the Heading of the page or article.
  • Keep the Heading in H1 Tag.
  • Include the keywords in the sub-headings of the content.
  • Keep the Sub-headings in H2 Tag.
  • Include the relevant keywords naturally in the content.
  • Keep the keyword density around 3 to 6%.
  • Have a few inbound and outbound links in the content.
  • Tag the images in the content with relevant keywords.

Further, let’s take a look upon the SEO optimization techniques at a technical level.

SEO Onpage Optimization Techniques for Technical Factors

The technical factors don’t account to much of the Onpage optimization process. However, there are some techniques you need to apply which can impact your website’s ranking in a positive way. These techniques are as follows:

  • Avoid usage of Java script and Ajax as this hinders your website to load faster.
  • Avoid usage of heavy image and flash which will block spiders from crawling through your website.
  • Have a proper site map.
  • Have a proper URL structure.

Now you know the best SEO onpage optimization techniques. However, the practical application of these techniques is important as its application will determine the website’s success on search engines. Hence, to know in detail on how to do the onpage optimization of a website, click here.