In today’s increasingly Web-centric world, a well-managed and optimized SEM or PPC campaign can be the most cost-effective form of advertising. Indeed, search marketing is the fastest-growing segment of the advertising industry. PPC is a method of online advertising used by different search engines, networks and content sites, such as blogs, in which businesses can display ads that appear alongside the results of Internet searches.

Job Opening for Digital Project Manager at VML Qais | Media Job in Muumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description:-

The Digital Project Manager is responsible for the delivery of campaign and ongoing retainers for VML Qais’ clients. He/she is accountable for the Project’s scope, schedule and budgets.

The Digital Project Manager is expected to be well-versed in the different types of Digital Projects (E.g. Social Media Campaigns, Application Builds, Mobile Builds, Outdoor Activations, etc) and is capable of coordinating different creative and operation roles in the agency to fulfill the campaign/product vision.

Description of Position

  1. To be overall responsible and to manage the complete project lifecycle efficiently within scope, manage  risks, timelines, quality and communication.
  2. To be overall responsible for all project related documentation: Project Timelines, Scope of Work, Status Reports, Risk Assessment plans, Change Requests, Resources Requests, Functional Specifications, UAT Test Scripts.
  3. Manage and deliver projects to the satisfaction of clients and the team – ensuring that projects are delivered on time, on budget and on strategy.
  4. Be on the look-out for new opportunities that will be referred to the Business Managers.
  5. Identify risks and develop appropriate mitigation plans.
  6. Manage project related requests with the client.
  7. Manage external vendors or partners.
  8. Identify where and when additional project team members will be required, assign tasks and facilitate the incorporation of scalable resources. This includes working with technical partners or system integrators.
  9. Responsible for Qais’ reputation and credibility in the client organization.


– Candidate should possess at least a degree

– At least 2 years in the field of Project Management in a digital agency or comparable organization

– Strong understanding of project life cycles and methodologies

– Strong understanding of a variety of digital solutions and processes

– Strong understanding of quality processes and standards

– Excellent communication skills including ability to influence and communicate to all levels of stakeholders and senior management (internal teams and client organization)

– Proven experience in working with vendors

– Independent with strong leadership skills

– Able to manage multiple projects concurrently

– Preferably certified in Project Management (PMP/Prince2/CITPM)

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, we can only notify shortlisted candidates.

Company Profile :-

VML Qais 

With offices across five continents, VML Qais is a full-service digital marketing agency that can take you where you want to go.


Job Opening for Community Manager at Management Paradise Solutions Pvt Ltd | Media Jobs in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Summary- is a free to join community started with a simple vision to provide a quality platform for Management students to interact and they are today backed by almost 300000 members, fortifying their belief that the Internet would continue to gain significant importance in imparting quality education to tomorrow’s managers.

Job Description:-

Community Manager-

Manage the community for onsite and offsite to increase visitor stickiness, engagement and loyalty.

Company Profile:-

Management Paradise Solutions Pvt Ltd- (MP) is one of the biggest online communities for Management students in India with a user-base of almost 4,75,000  members strong and growing faster than ever before. At MP, you can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with like minded individuals or groups of individuals who can help you accomplish your goals.

Know more about Management Paradise Solutions Pvt Ltd

Job Offering for Online Media Planner, SEM and SEO Expert at Resultrix | Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog


Resultrix is an end-to-end interactive agency with a pay-for-performance search model supported by an award winning creative team. Resultrix is headquartered in Bellevue, USA. It has offices in Mumbai & Singapore. Resultrix’s interactive services include – search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate and social media marketing.

Job Openings:-

Search Engine Manager – SEM-

Candidate should have experience in strategic bidding, budget management, campaign enhancement & optimization |Know more

Online Media Planner-

Candidate should have experience in managing online media plans, including exploration of venues that utilize emerging technologies to support client objectives | Know more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert –

Candidate should have experience in strategizing SEO activities & interact with clients weekly/monthly to apprise them on SEO Performance | Know more

Know more about job opportunities in Resultrix.

Company Profile:-


Resultrix won the prestigious IAMAI Digital Award for the Best SEM Campaign | Know more

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Job Openings for Team Leader Content, SEM Associate, Content Associate at Zomato | Media Job in Gurgoan | Learning Catalyst Blog


Zomato, founded in 2008, is a revolutionary restaurant guide providing in-depth information for over 121,500 restaurants across various countries of its presence. Zomato’s core content features include menus, photos and geo-coded coordinates for restaurants. Other community features include reviews, ratings and ability to follow other users’ recommendations on Zomato.

Job Openings:-


Zomato is looking for a talented individual who will form a part of the core team that makes kickass products by sourcing, curating and updating accurate restaurant related data | Know more


Zomato is on the hunt for a professional who can manage Google Adwords campaigns for English speaking markets globally | Know more


The desired candidate will collect, curate and update information about restaurants and build a strong product-base for Zomato | Know more

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Company Profile:-


Zomato Hired New CMO this year | Know more

Zomato Breaks Even in India this year & plans to expand to New Zealand | Know more

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Job Openings for SEM expert, Content Writer, Link Building Executive at Communicate2 | Media Job in Mumbai| Learning Catalyst Blog


Communicate 2 began its operations in the year 1997 as a web development agency. In the year 2004, when SEM (Search Engine Marketing) also known as PPC started emerging, we decided to venture into this field. Since then Communicate 2 has evolved as one of the leading search engine marketing companies in India. Our expertise lies in the field of contextual advertising, lead generation and ROI solutions, catering to some of the largest clients in India and abroad.

Job Openings:-

Search Engine Optimization Expert-

The desired candidate will surely enjoy working in this profile with an opportunity to boost his/her overall SEO skills | Know More

Content Writer-

The desired candidate will be honored with an important role which involves writing blogs, web articles & press releases for various clients on varied topics from Insurance to fashion | Know More

Link Building Executive-

This is a good opportunity for all the freshers who want to gain leverage in link building skills | Know More

Career Opportunities at iProspect Communicate2 | Know More

Company Profile:


An Aegis Media company, iProspect Communicate2 gained the digital marketing mandate of Thomas Cook India on 6th Sepember 2013 |Know More

Job Openings for Creative Director, Web Analytics Manager, Content Writer at Convonix | Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog


Convonix is one of India’s premium internet marketing service providers with a multitude of satisfied clients under their hood. Besides providing top notch internet marketing to direct clients, Convonix also provides excellent outsourcing opportunity to overseas SEO firms that wish to outsource entire Internet Marketing projects to India. Founded in 2003, Convonix has evolved from being the 1st Search Engine Optimization organization in India to becoming an Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions provider, and currently employs over 200 internet marketing specialists serving clients such as Taj Hotels, Reliance Industries, Kotak Mahindra Group, Club Mahindra, Kodak, Aditya Birla Group among others.

Job Openings:

Creative Director-

The desired candidate will play an exciting role of providing creative solutions to a brand’s communication needs & manage a brand’s creative journey on various digital platforms | Know More

Manager (Web Analytics)-

This is a good opportunity for a fresher who can handle analytical needs of their clients & can create & communicate solutions proactively for their clients | Know More

Project Manager(Pay Per Click)-

If you are GAP certified, experienced & a self driven individual then this one gives you a chance to lead a fast paced result driven search marketing team of Convonix | Know More

Career Opportunities at Convonix | Know More

Company Profile:


Publicis Groupe Acquired Mumbai-Based Digital Marketing Firm Convonix | Know More

Job Openings for SEM, SEO Executives and Content Writers at Logicserve | Media Job in Navi Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog


Logicserve is a global online advertising group with strong presence in UK, US and other major European countries. The Group comprises of Broad place Advertising, Logic serve Digital & CKNet.

Job Openings:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Executive-

The desired candidate will play an important role of developing & Managing campaigns around keywords that relate to client’s product or service | Know More

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Executive-

The desired candidate will gain leverage in skills like keyword research, analysis, On-page & off-page optimization for websites | Know More


The desired candidate will be responsible to develop new & creative content for Social media applications, blogs, newsletters & other online marketing media | Know More

Career Opportunities at LogicServe | Know More

Company Profile:


They have a strong presence in various online networks from search, social and more. With the expertise in SEO, PPC, development and design; they claim to give high return on investment for the clients who believe in the power of innovation, irrespective of the size of their business.

Job Openings for Executive Media Planners and SEM Campaign Manager at Social Wavelength | Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog


Social Media is quick, connected and contagious! Social Media is not a one-way communication platform but a wide ocean of conversations. Conversations that engage end users and help brands grow. Social Wavelength specializes in initiating and maintaining meaningful conversations for various brands including the 50 top brands of Social Media arena.

Job Openings:

Executive/Sr. Executive – Media Planning:

The desired will get an opportunity to prepare amazing marketing campaigns on platforms such as Google, Facebook &  Linkedin for various brands | Know More

Assistant Manager / Manager – Media Planning:

The desired candidate will plan & deliver innovative & effective digital media plans for brands | Know More

SEM Campaign Manager: This is a role of great responsibility. The desired candidate will act as a strong business manager of the search engine marketing channel for Social Wavelength | Know More

Career Opportunities at Social Wavelength | Know More

Company Profile:

Social Wavelength

Social Wavelength won Globus Retail Stores this year | Know More 

Vijay Sankaran joined Social Wavelength as the Director of Digital Strategy & Planning this year | Know More

Social Wavelength Now Manages Social Media Responsibilities for Spinz Deo | Know More

What is Search Marketing

What is Search Marketing

What is Search Marketing

What is search marketing is a common topic among people. Search engine marketing or SEM is a type of Internet marketing. Using SEM you can promote your websites by making your websites more visible in the SERP which is also known as search engine results page. These results appear on the right hand side of the page. This is achieved through optimization & advertising. The left hand side of the page contains results which are organic or unpaid results. These results are achieved through search engine optimization or SEO. SEM is a paid form of advertising. SEM is also known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising method.

In this article you will gain knowledge about what is search marketing & what are the methods used in search marketing to improve the visibility of you website.

Now that you know what is search marketing, further you can gain knowledge about the four methods which are used in search marketing or search engine marketing. These methods will help you to optimize your websites through search marketing or search engine marketing (SEM).

Keyword research & analysis

There are three steps involved in keyword research & analysis.

Step one- Step one requires you to ensure that search engines can index your website.

Step two- Step two requires you to find the most relevant & popular keywords for your website’s products.

Step three- Step three requires you to use those selected relevant & popular keywords on your website. This should be done in a manner that generates traffic on your website so that conversions happen through your website.

Website saturation & popularity

Website saturation & popularity tells that how much presence your website shows on search engines. Website saturation & popularity depends on two factors. The first factor your website’s number of pages which are indexed. This is known as website saturation in search engine marketing or search marketing. The second factor is the number of backlinks your website has. This denotes your website’s popularity. Website saturation & popularity also depends on the fact that your ad campaign contains relevant keywords which people look for mostly. This increases the chances that your ad campaign ranks at the top on the SERP.

There are various tools which help you to measure your website’s saturation & link popularity. Some of the major tools include Link Popularity, Top 10 Google Analysis & Marketleap’s Link Popularity & Search Engine Saturation.

Back end tools

Your search engine marketing efforts can be further improved by the various back end tools which are available online. These back end tools help you to measure the success of a website. These tools include Web analytic tools & HTML validators. These tools provide you with data which helps you take decisions for the next moves for your website. These tools will tell you whether your ad campaigns are working or not. These tools also give information about the number of clicks & number of conversions your ad campaigns generate. Hence, with the help of all this information you are able to take correct decisions further & minimize your costs increase your ROI.

Whois tools

Whois tools reveal the owners of various websites & provide other valuable information related to copyright & trademark issues.

Job Opening for SEO/SEM Specialist at Mauj | Media Job in Mumbai| Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –

Mauj Mobile is looking for an SEO Specialist who can Device execute and manage SEO Activites for us, he would be involved in executing and building up on our current SEO Stragety, and execute SEM and generate revenue thorough Mobile Marketing. An Ideal candidate should come in with at least 6 years of SEO experience, should be metric Oreinted and have moved or delivered on Great SEO/SEM Initiatives. The candidate should be able to generate Reports, on the health of our overall digital assests.
Excellent Verbal and communication Skills.
Candidate should have Knowledge of the Mobile Industry.
Outstation candidates Should be ready to relocate to Mumbai.
Send your resumes in to

Company Profile : –


Mauj Mobile is a company focused on building great customer destinations on Mobile Internet. Established in 2003, we were formed with the vision to empower consumers by providing entertainment and information via mobile phone and specifically on Mobile Internet platforms. Funded by Sequoia Capital,Westbridge Capital and Intel Capital, Mauj Mobile is a part of People Group, which has been recognized as one of the most innovative Digital Media businesses globally.