Digital Marketing is a crucial factor in every online Digital Marketing Jobs in India | Learning Catalystbusiness. The Internet is the only place where people can choose to search for the businesses they want at their own leisure and on their terms. This is just one of the reasons why digital marketing is perhaps one of the most successful forms of advertising. Digital is driving new terms of engagement between brands and consumers. Demand and thus opportunity lead the world to a whole new concept of Internet marketing.

Digital Marketing Trends In The Fashion Industry In India Digital media has invaded practically every sector in society, and hence, digital marketing is a trend that has entwined itself deeply in every industry that exists – And the fashion industry is no exception to this ongoing phenomenon. However, the fashion industry is unique in that fashion trends often change even faster than advancements in the digital media. It is true that we have jumped from wireless phones with limited storage to smartphones Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Trends In Banking In India Banking has been undergoing liberalization policies and technological advancements in the last decade in India. And while those tech-related changes – like most changes in an old industry – have been protested and resisted, for the most part, tech has won. And the banks must accept that fact and move with the trends, or find themselves left behind as their more digitally inclusive competitors plow forward. This is, without doubt, the digital era, Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Vs. Digital Advertising: The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Digital Advertising Even in the days of traditional marketing and advertising techniques, the lines between advertising and marketing were often blurred. And using both terms interchangeably was common enough even then. But now, in the digital marketing and digital advertising era, with media mix and combo strategies ruling the roost, the lines separating adverting and marketing have been blurred even further – so much so that it is even accepted to use “online marketing” Read more [...]

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing In this age of instant (Internet) communication and social media, it is pretty obvious that digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing. But, traditional marketing obviously has not become obsolete. Traditional marketing does have its place even now. However, with the current trends, it is incomprehensible to treat traditional marketing as anything but a supplement to online digital marketing. Any business, in fact – especially startups Read more [...]
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Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Ahmedabad – Updated on 29th January 2016

Digital Marketing, also known as Internet marketing, web marketing, online marketing, webvertising and e-marketing, is referred to as the marketing (generally advertising) of products or services over the Internet. India where internet penetrations are increasing and every day new users are added with internet there is tremendous scope and opportunities for a Digital Marketing professional are huge in India today. It ties together the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including Read more [...]