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The Top List Of Digital Marketing Trends In The Food Industry That Marketers Need To Adopt Food is no longer just a refueling factor for the human body. In today's world of diverse food cultures  and international cuisines, deviations in eating habits and food choices are getting more varied than ever. Moreover, food is now an art form for most consumers. And consequently, the customers expect that the marketer of food, beverage, and restaurant brands, will put on a show that will both appeal to them and entertain them. This is exactly what Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Trends To Keep An Eye On In The Financial Services Industry In India The relationship between digital marketing and the financial services industry has in no way been a smooth ride. For, the financial services industry is an old one and moreover, it is based on old tried and true business systems. Hence, it is not much of a surprise that this industry took the longest to adapt to the digital era. In fact, some are still surprised that the digital era could manage to influence the financial services sector at all: Just Read more [...]

Emerging Travel Industry Marketing Trends To Look Out For The travel industry is as caught up as any other industry in the hype and maelstrom of change that digital technology has brought in. In some aspects, travel is even more affected by digital technology than normal as it allows for a lot more travel opportunities and planning like never before, even making traveling a lucrative career (in the form of travel blogging, acting as tour guides, travel writing, travel photography, etc.) for those who know how Read more [...]

What To Expect When It Comes To Marketing Trends In The Hospitality Industry In India Compared to other industries, the hospitality industry is actually fairly new when it comes to involving digital technology into its everyday marketing. But, despite it being new, such practices have been picking up speed recently. And, with new technologies, apps, and web tools already being developed and at hand, it's time the hospitality industry embraced digital technology as commonly as other industries have had to. On that note, here are the trends Read more [...]

Marketing Trends On The Rise In The Manufacturing Industry In India The rise of Internet and mobile economies has changed and it has heavily directed the face of marketing in practically every industry. And the manufacturing industry in India is no different. On that note, here are the top emerging digital marketing trends in the manufacturing industry right now: Social media for that firm presence in the current manufacturing industry: The traditional business model of manufacturers has become outdated. Social Read more [...]