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What You Need To Know Before Embarking On A Digital Marketing Career At BC Web Wise An Introduction to the BC Web Wise Digital Agency  BC Web Wise Pvt. Ltd. is an end-to-end digital marketing and advertising agency and is one of the top digital agencies in India. The company consists of two branches – one in Mumbai and one in Delhi – and it was founded in the year 2000 by BC Web Wise's current CEO and MD, Chaaya Baradhwaaj. Their Mumbai branch is located opposite Raheja College of Art in Bandra (West). Also referred to as Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Jobs Currently Available at Interactive Avenues (Bangalore) Digital Marketing Jobs ‘Digital marketing jobs’ is an umbrella term, which covers any and all jobs that relate to the process and strategy of marketing in the digital sphere. Even just two years ago, digital marketing jobs could be defined as SEO, SRM, SMM, etc. But now, a whole variety of roles have come up in the realm of digital marketing jobs in order to keep up with the changing digital landscape of marketing.  Interactive Avenues: Company Read more [...]

Healthcare Industry Marketing Trends In India To Look Out For Healthcare is a booming business. And like any other industry in the 21st century, it is as heavily impacted by digital trends as any other industry. Consequently, healthcare industry marketing trends have evolved into the digital sphere, and below are some of the top healthcare industry marketing trends in India that digital marketers (in this industry) should watch for: Online Searches for Medical Information: Consumers today are very self-sufficient, Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Trends In The Fashion Industry In India Digital media has invaded practically every sector in society, and hence, digital marketing is a trend that has entwined itself deeply in every industry that exists – And the fashion industry is no exception to this ongoing phenomenon. However, the fashion industry is unique in that fashion trends often change even faster than advancements in the digital media. It is true that we have jumped from wireless phones with limited storage to smartphones Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Trends In Banking In India Banking has been undergoing liberalization policies and technological advancements in the last decade in India. And while those tech-related changes – like most changes in an old industry – have been protested and resisted, for the most part, tech has won. And the banks must accept that fact and move with the trends, or find themselves left behind as their more digitally inclusive competitors plow forward. This is, without doubt, the digital era, Read more [...]