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Digital Marketing Job Opportunities for Sales and Marketing Professionals in 2017- Updated on 30th May 2017

Why You Should Consider Shifting to Digital Sales & Marketing Over the course of the last decade or so, sales and marketing strategies have undergone massive strategic and conceptual changes. And the result in a nutshell is that they are catering to the digitally connected and internet-savvy consumer base of today. Hence, what needs to change first is the idea that traditional sales and marketing platforms are enough for businesses of today. Another Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Job Openings in KPO’s – Updated on 30th May 2017

A Brief Introduction to KPO Careers For a brief introduction as to the exact meaning of KPO, KPO refers to Knowledge Process Outsourcing, which is actually an extension of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) but with a focus on the information side of business processes. Thus, KPO is, in general, a more complex process than BPO. And hence, it also requires a high level of organization as well as effective communication channels between the operators. So, Read more [...]

Job Opportunities in Digital Agencies in 2017 – Updated on 24th May 2017

Here’s What Getting a Job in a Digital Agency Entail What is a Digital Agency? A digital agency is a firm that takes care of the creative, tactical, and technical needs of a specific client. The agency could be a separate entity that functions by itself or part of a bigger organization. Earlier, such an organization limited itself to marketing and communication needs like delivering emails and designing advertisements. Now, their responsibilities Read more [...]

Engineer Digital: An Example of a Marketing Agency that Specifically Targets Engineers Digital marketing is an umbrella term for anything that involves the Internet or World Wide Web being used for promoting, marketing, advertising, engaging, conversing, branding, or selling. In short, absolutely anything a business does online -- no matter what kind of business that may be -- will fall under the realm of digital marketing practices for that business. So now that we’ve clarified what digital marketing is and why it can be found everywhere, Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Job Opportunity in Ecommerce Companies in 2017 – Guidebook – Updated on 23rd May

Jobs in Ecommerce are Growing by 10%! Ecommerce is Thriving in Today’s Digital Era Ecommerce is the current favorite in the list of lucrative fields that young graduates prefer to take up. With more and more businesses taking root online, the scope and magnitude of this field is limitless. Recent surveys revealed that a high percentage of purchasing was done online as opposed to physical shops – Which can also be noted in the constantly rising Read more [...]