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Social Media Facts & Figures

The ROI on Social Media

The ROI on Social Media

Future of Mobile Marketing in India

Future of Mobile Marketing in India

Future of Mobile Marketing in India

How to Hire the Perfect Inbound Marketer | Learning Catalyst Blog

Finding candidates who are uniquely qualified to take on the inbound marketing industry can be a challenge. While traditional marketing is taught in colleges and universities around the world, inbound marketing is often significantly ahead of current business school curriculum.  This occasional scarcity of formal digital marketing education can make finding and hiring the perfect candidate daunting – open job reqs can often seem more like a treasure hunt than a talent search.

HubSpot understands how difficult this endeavor can be. Hence they’ve put together a basic guide that discusses what qualities to look for in your candidates, how to find these marketers, a checklist of skills necessary for a marketing role, and a final tear-out sheet that includes helpful interview questions and socring. In fact, the content in this guide is strongly influenced by HubSpot’s own hiring process. With this “pocket guide” to finding and hiring the perfect inbound marketer, you’ll be able to successfully pinpoint the right potential candidate, instead of sifting aimlessly through piles of resumes in search of prospect gold.

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How Google Actually Works

SEO Website Audit Checklist | Learning Catalyst Blog

SEO Website Audit Checklist Infographic

Website audit is extremely valuable & very necessary before you begin with an SEO project. Performing proper Website Audit helps you achieve your website optimization goals. Here is a very useful infographic on SEO Website Audit Checklist.

website audit checklist

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