Digital Marketing Jobs for MBA Graduates in 2016 – Updated on 26 January 2016




Thanks to the Internet virtually taking up every sector, businesses now have a heaping amount of participation necessary in the World Wide Web. So it’s no surprise that digital marketing is constantly growing field with incredible scope. However, it’s also true that the digital marketing domain is still relatively new. As such, formal qualifications to get into this field are neither fixed nor predictable. But this is often a blessing in disguise as the onus is on skills rather than a list of qualifications.

Despite the lack of fixed qualifications to define this internet marketing domain though, certain courses are found to be well-suited to this field. And MBA is one of those courses.

MBA graduates in particular often find that they have a better familiarity with this field than one would think. Not necessarily because they are well-versed with the Internet either. Rather, it is the fact that MBA graduates are trained to understand the business spectrum of the world. They develop a keen insight to understand business tactics, target consumer patterns, and marketing strategies. And all these skills are what are astutely needed in the digital marketing domain too. The only difference is that these skills and knowledge need to be applied to the cyber world.

Hence, as an MBA graduate, you have quite a few options for lucrative careers in the digital marketing domain. And here are some of those internet marketing jobs for MBAs: 

Social Media Marketing and Management

Often referred to as just SMM (Social Media Marketing), this job often requires that you adeptly handle multiple social media accounts for a company or brand. Consumers are no longer satisfied with a company merely existing and producing products. They want interaction. And this should be expected as the main purpose of the Internet is communication in the first place.

A person working in SMM should know how to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. He or she should also be well-versed in social media and Internet etiquette practices and make sure that nothing they post will offend their target consumers’ or others sensibilities. For the content should above all, be above reproach as much as is possible.

Scheduling various content posts, analysing reach and engagement of updates, and link building on social media and websites is all a part of an SSM’s job. Plus, other than managing content, most SMMs have to create the content from the company’s base idea(s) too.

Web Analytics and Data Analyser

Compiling, processing, and analysing data gathered is something all MBA students would have had to do during the duration of their course. And this would certainly aid you if MBA graduates want to consider Web Analytics as a career.

In this job, you will not be making the content, but rather be analysing how they perform on the Internet. Whether that includes website content, social media content, blog content, or any other, depends on the company one might work for. In any case though, using the various web analytical tools that are available, the Web Analytics and Data Analyser will have to judge trends, performance and reach from the data collected. And then, he or she will also have to suggest possible improvements in addition to giving the report.

Digital Marketing Manager

This is usually the top post in the digital marketing domain. And to reach here, you will have to be connoisseur of digital marketing. In other words, you must be an expert and extremely good at what you do.

The DMM (Digital Marketing Manager) will either take a hands-on participation, or simply be the person who supervises; or both. Either way, nothing gets approved in the digital marketing department of the company without his or her say so. And they will usually be at the centre of the action.

An MBA graduate, thus, has a lot of scope for jobs in digital marketing. But in addition to the skills they learn in MBA, they will also need to be Internet-savvy as well as have excellent communication and research skills.

Digital Marketing Domain: The Job Scenario for Fresher’s – Updated on 25th January 2016

digital marketing jobs for freshers


According to a report published in the leading daily, The Times of India, digital marketing will create 1.5 lakh jobs in India by 2016. Now, this is really a huge figure and one that will definitely bring joy to those looking to make a fruitful career in this emerging field. As per the report, the rise in number of e-commerce ventures, increasing smart phone/internet usage and the growing realization of social media’s impact have created a good demand for digital marketing professionals. Unfortunately, there is lack of skilled and experienced professionals who can do justice to the diverse job profiles in the digital marketing domain.

But the brighter side of the scenario is that jobs will be raining in the times to come. Also, since there is lack of experienced professionals, there is a fair demand for freshers, especially in the startups, budding digital marketing agencies and small businesses. The best thing about the field is that its doors are open to freshers from all academic backgrounds-whether arts, science, management or technology. What you need is a passion to learn and grow.

Areas of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very versatile and exhaustive field that covers various niches and each niche requires a specialist to handle the work demands. Let us take a look at them:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is the fastest growing niche with the highest demand as SEO specialists are responsible for increasing the visibility of the website or portal. They bring high page rankings, engage internet users, do inbound marketing and their efforts help in lead optimization and analytics.
  2. Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Social media is a highly effective medium with numerous channels that can engage customers effectively and at lower costs. A SMM specialist creates and consolidates the web presence of the company on these platforms through competent marketing strategies.
  3. Content Creation, Management & Development – Content is the backbone of websites and social media. And to grab eyeballs and attention, having attractive content is a must. The writers, copy editors, short film makers, copy writers and content developers create and develop catchy content for the sites and social media platforms.
  4. Web Analytics – The site traffic, engaged users, leads, etc. have to be carefully evaluated and analyzed in order to develop suitable strategies. The data analyzer works in collaboration with the SEO specialist to utilize the findings.

Jobs Prospects

The bigger names who will be hiring include KPOs like Accenture, Sapient, e-commerce ventures such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra and global giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. The jobs will also be available in the numerous different companies with a web presence and digital marketing agencies that have sprung up, owing to the digital revolution in the making. Freshers can expect a fair package initially and it is sure to go up with time and experience. And last but not the least, one can also take the route of entrepreneurship or freelancing.

Digital Marketing: Components, Characteristics and Career Options- Updated on 23rd January 2016

Digital Marketing: Components, Characteristics and Career Options


Marketing is to business what oxygen is to body. No business, whether large or small, can expect to survive without proper marketing. It brings your business into the public view, informs customers (actual as well as potential) about your products/services and keeps them connected with your company. An essential part of every business undertaking, marketing has been in practice since ages and will continue to exist, as long as businesses exist. The only difference that you will see is in the tools and strategies that are employed to get results.

You must be already feeling the gradual shift towards the digital spectrum as more and more marketing/promotional campaigns are run in virtual space. The traditional mediums such as print and electronic are still there but internet and social media have emerged as very impactful mediums that are no less than essential in the current times. For small and medium scale businesses they are the only mediums and sufficient enough as well. In fact, the birth of  the World Wide Web has led to the emergence of many businesses that would have never seen the light of the day had the online space not been there.

Today, every business entity, worth its salt, has an online presence and the bigger its size, the more widespread is its digital marketing ambit. And digital marketing is slowly turning into a specialized profession with companies hiring digital marketers in good numbers to manage their online marketing strategies. A career in digital marketing is associated with good money, growth and development. Thus, more and more youngsters are opting for digital marketing as a full-fledged career option. If you are also looking to join the group, you have miles to go. Digital marketing jobs for MBA freshers in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore or for that matter in any part of India looks quiet promising with bright prospects.

Though digital marketing is a core function of marketing, marketing knowledge needs to be supplemented with technical knowledge and there are many components that cover the term digital marketing and includes:

SEO (Search Engine optimization)

Whether your site will come into Google and other search engine results, is determined by the quality of SEO that has been done for your site. It is related with page ranking and as an SEO specialist, one needs to be aware of keywords, HTML coding, link building and other things that influence your page rank. A very vital part of digital marketing, SEO enhances the visibility of your site and also brings about an increase in the amount of traffic coming to your site which can be capitalized for further gains and generating successful marketing leads.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and its ilk are the staple food for digital marketers. These social networks are fabulous platforms to promote your business and require specialized domain knowledge to catch the interest of the audiences. Every update or post or tweet has the capability to create a ripple effect and engage the online audience. It is a very potent medium and to make the most of its reach, you need to be proficient at web analytics. You should also possess a sound knowledge of online communication strategies that will work in the favor of your product or brand. The fan/business pages are powerful platforms for interaction and engagement and need to be harnessed to the optimum.

Content Marketing

You must have heard the saying “Content is King”. Well, it has become a cliché but this does not mean it is no longer relevant. Content plays a vital role in getting eyeballs and traffic. But merely good content is not enough. According to Li Evans, search marketing guru “Content does not win. Optimized content wins.” And hence, proper marketing of content is important. You need to publicize your blog posts and audio/visual matter through proper channels to make the most impact.

Digital marketing jobs scenario

The job prospects are very bright for those who want to make a career in digital marketing. One can find a good number of digital marketing jobs for MBA freshers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other such cities. Even if you are looking to start as a freelancer, you can easily do so. The demand for digital marketers is quite high and on the rise. The starting salary revolves in the range of 1.5-2.5 lakh. As you gain experience and exposure, it increases and after 4-5 years it can reach anywhere between 5-10 lakh.

Initially, you can expect to be endowed with the responsibility of marketing a particular product/service and slowly you can progress to comprehensive digital marketing for the entire company. A versatile career option, it is a field that is constantly evolving and thus, you get copious opportunity to learn and flourish. You are also encouraged to experiment and be creative. In short, as a digital marketing professional, you will be joining a dynamic job profile that will always keep you up-to-date and in the center of action.

Qualities and skills

To succeed in this evolving field, you need to possess the mindset of a student that is always willing to learn. Though technical degree is not mandatory, a certification will help and you should be aware of the working of web technology. A creative bent of mind and innovative approach are also needed as they help in creating effective promotional campaigns. You should know how to think out of the box and demonstrate a flair for quick learning.

In the field of digital marketing, there are no written rules to make things work and the digital medium is very fickle. Hence, you should be adaptable to changes and have a knack for solving problems. You need to be flexible and also have good analytical skills. It is a lot about learning and keeping abreast with the new developments and updates. Last but not the least, hard work and commitment are very important because it is consistency and continuous efforts that bring results.



What You Need to Know about a Career in Digital Marketing- Updated on 22nd january 2016


There is a humorous image on the internet that has modified Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, where the most basic needs of food, water, shelter, and security have been usurped by the “basic needs” of “Battery” and “Wi-Fi” instead. It was, of course, created to incite a giggle or a smile. But it also indicates how much we depend on the Internet and World Wide Web in that we could all relate to that image so easily. For most today would certainly feel utterly lost without a charged battery and an internet connection for their mobile device. In fact, this boost of internet activity and cyber involvement has also extended to the job market. So there are tons of job searches going on now that range from digital marketing jobs  to online social media jobs from home from all over the world.

Consequently, it is not much of a surprise that businesses and markets have also moved on to the online sphere. They’ve even made some major investments in digital marketing, as a majority of their potential and existing customers frequent this cyber realm more than any other. And the fact that the online platform allows for a wider platform of customers doesn’t hurt businesses either. Hence, careers in digital marketing have sky-rocketed into a very lucrative field. So if you’re looking to enter this field, here are a couple of things you should know: 

What is Digital Marketing?

Technicalities of the term aside, in essence, the term “digital marketing” basically means marketing online and creating digital marketing content that you can post online. In other words, when you market something by tweeting it, posting it on Facebook, creating a website, or taking any other such similar action online, you are participating in digital marketing. 

What is the Scope for Digital Marketing in Today’s World?

In short, the answer to that above question would be: A lot. Every business, product, cause, event, and person who wants their name to be known now has a digital and online presence. So when it comes to jobs in this field, you’ll be happy to know that you have plenty of scope and choices to pick from. Better yet, it’s getting to be a soundly lucrative job in India as well. And even better, all you need are practical skills online for this job. So no matter your qualification, if you have the skills, you’re in. Skills definitely speak louder than formal degrees in this field (although, if you have a relevant degree, that’s cool too. You just need the skills with it again). So, for instance, if you’re looking for digital marketing jobs  or looking for SEO jobs for BA English graduates in Mumbai, or even looking for social media management jobs in Bangalore regardless of your qualification, you will certainly find it – that is, if you know what you’re doing in this online marketing field. 

What are the Skills One Needs to Become a Digital Marketer?

Well, as with any field, there are some common skills and characteristics that would help you succeed in this particular career path. Some of the more essential traits a digital marketer should have are given below: 

A Digital Marketer Should be Internet Savvy

Actually, this first skill should be obvious. After all, all your work as a digital marketer is going to be online. So of course you would have to know your way around the Internet. However, do note that, if you want a career in this field, then it’s not enough if you just know how to send an email or search a topic on Google. Oh no.

If you want to make a fruitful career in this field, you need to know your way around different email accounts, social media accounts, search engines, websites, forums, public portals, and every other possible marketing platform on the Internet. You should also know your way around apps, weblogs, hash tags, and podcasts. 

A Digital Marketer Should Be Intuitively Aware of Trends and Patterns

This is something you can only gain with practice, really. And it means that you should be able to study trending material and digital content that has gone viral online, and then be able to guess the pattern of popular posts on the Internet at a current time. Because once you know what is popular at the moment, you will be able to style your own digital marketing content similarly. In other words, you should be able to study patterns and trends online and know what content would be appealing to your audience. 

A Digital Marketer Has to Be an Effective Communicator

As a digital marketer, misinterpretation of information is your mortal enemy. Everything you communicate via digital marketing methods must be clear, concise, and communicate exactly what you want to say to your audience. Vagueness, and open interpretation of your digital content, where the main message is unclear or misinterpreted, is a massive no-no. So watch out for that. Don’t ever love your concept to the point that you don’t see it’s effective. The message is the main dish here. So however you dress it up, make sure it’s clearly visible no matter what.

A Digital Marketer Must Be Creative

Creativity is perhaps the most important aspect you need to have in digital marketing. Because even if you have a lot of technical know-how, and study trends and what is popular, all of that will amount to nothing if you can’t create original digital content for your marketing purposes. Yes, you may take a few “inspired” choices from other sources. But in the end, styling those inspirations into something unique and original and appealing – or better yet, creating something entirely your own – is what really marks you as a savant in your field. Creativity is the best tool you can have in your arsenal here. 

A Digital Marketer Should Understand Content and the Media by which This Content Can Be Communicated

As a digital marketer will have to create content to post online, it is very necessary that he or she has a good understanding of words and images and how they communicate certain ideas in various combinations – for those are the building blocks of what digital content is made up of in the end. And in addition to that, understanding audio, visual, and textual media (i.e., the channels through which the marketing message is spread) is also essential. An understanding of semantics, semiotics, and hermeneutics would greatly help here as well.



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 The Ins and Outs of Digital Marketing Career Options- Updated on 23rd January 2016


With more and more companies entering the digital arena and e-commerce gaining stronghold in the Indian economy, a world of career opportunities has opened up for the youth. If one is tech-savvy or possesses a degree in computer science or computer applications, one can easily look forward to making a fruitful career in this sector. One can be a web designer, app developer, SEO specialist and much more. But the most exciting and dynamic opportunities lie in digital marketing. Digital marketing career options are quite versatile and full of advancement and growth.

You just need to have your heart and skills in the right place and there is no dearth of jobs. It is an emerging field with a bright future that will keep on expanding in the years to come. Though in a nascent stage, it is growing fast and youngsters are quite excited to explore the diverse digital marketing career options. But the only hitch they face is lack of professional training institutes which can equip them with the right skills and knowledge. Well, as said above, it is an emerging field and therefore, most of the learning comes during the job itself. It is more about practice and learning by doing. But there are a few credible institutes that teach you the tricks of the trade. One can also go for online courses by Google and Microsoft.

If you are exploring digital marketing career options, it would do you good to check out the various areas that come within its ambit.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization                                                    

This is the most basic step of digital marketing that is related with the page ranking of a site. It is about increasing the visibility of the website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It decides the position of the web pages. A very vital aspect of digital marketing, it is the foundation of a company’s online presence and the first step towards developing a competent online marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Emails and newsletters are very important means of communication through which companies inform customers about the new launches, periodic updates and other information. They help to engage the customers and also bring new customers as the leads can be positively influenced with the help of this sharing tool.

SMM or Social Media Marketing

The main action is here.  Be it Facebook or Twitter, no company can ignore the importance of social media networking and they are capitalizing on it a great deal. From basic business pages of entrepreneurs to detailed social media presence of top-notch corporations, social media has emerged as a very effective platform to market one’s products and brand. Every update and post is a way to influence the audience and generate interest in them.

Web Analytics

The traffic, leads and online customers are a storehouse of information that can be utilized to gain important insights into their behavior and mold marketing strategies accordingly. This is done with the help of data analytics and the digital database is scoured from all angles to seek details that will help to increase sales. An important aspect of market research, it forms the core of digital marketing plans and campaigns.

Mobile Marketing

Smart phones are everywhere and slowly they are turning into hubs of consumer activity which means digital marketers have to tap this resource. And it is done through promo offers, updates, advertisements and informative updates. The aim is to engage the users and keep them interested.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing

Paid search listings are also important as they can maximize the visibility of your website. Sponsored placements and advertising help to bring your website into the eyes of people. It is related with running effective PPC campaigns and aids search engine optimization.

As for digital marketing career options, you have got a wide range of job profiles and depending on your skills, interest and aptitude, you can venture into any of the fields listed below. All are promising with ample scope to grow and learn.

Content Writing/Content Development

If you are passionate about writing and enjoy doing research on different subjects, you can foray into content writing and development. Content is the backbone of any website or marketing campaign and it can be in the form of text, images, info graphics, short films, videos and the like. If you can write articles, blog posts, sales copies, scripts then this is the right profession for you that you will enjoy thoroughly.

Social Media Management

Are you a social media enthusiast? Do you love interacting with people on different social networking platforms? Have you got a flair for effective communication and knowledge of what will engage the audience? If yes, you can become a social media manager and oversee the marketing campaign on the different social media platforms. It is a dynamic profile where you get to learn a lot about the working of social media platforms.

SEO specialization

Search engines are the primary sources of web traffic and page ranking plays a significant role in the popularity of online campaigns. It is the base on which further digital marketing strategies are built. So, if you have knowledge of HTML, key words, link building and date analysis, you can become an SEO specialist. This is a very lucrative profile where you can flourish to great heights with time and experience.

Places to explore digital marketing career options

To make a career in the different branches of digital marketing about which we have explained above, you can explore the following places:

  1. Digital marketing consultancies/agencies – There are lots of consultancies and marketing agencies that specialize in services like online advertising, wed design and development, mobile marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, online reputation management and other related segments. They are present in many cities and famous names include Pinstorm, Webchutney, SubmitEdge, Social Wavelength, LogicServe, Brainwork Tech, and a lot more.
  2. Small businesses – Thanks to the Internet, many small businesses have come up on the digital scene that are offering services in web designing, development and online marketing, which again widens the digital marketing career options. If you want, you can also start your own business or join a small scale firm. Most of them hire freelancers and thus, you can work from home. All have an online presence and can be easily contacted through email or phone call or social networking sites.
  3. KPOs and software companies – KPOs or Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies and software companies have entered the digital marketing segment in a big way. Many are involved in the processing of marketing work and have a great demand for SEO executives, creative directors, media analysts, web analytics managers, content writers, SEM experts and other professionals who are on the lookout for digital marketing career options that offer diverse roles. The popular names in this segment are Accenture, Facebook, Amazon, Alivenow, Brainwork, etc.
  4. Marketing Department of companies – Every company with a fair scale of operations has a separate marketing department to take care of the marketing activities. And since the digital audience also needs to be catered to, it has to carry out activities for the digital space as well. This means there is a demand for professionals who can do online marketing, social media management, content writing, email marketing, web analysis and all the different work related to digital marketing. You can join any of these companies where vacancies are available.


The long and short of the story is that the future belongs to digital marketing. It is a booming career option that invites people from all academic disciplines. Anyone with an interest and aptitude for digital technology can join the field and rise to good positions. You can further read about the scope of a career in online marketing from the article, “Career paths and Scope in online marketing in Today’s World.”

If you are innovative, hungry to learn and passionate then sky is the limit for your growth in this field. And since there are so many avenues to capitalize your skills and talent, people from different backgrounds are entering the scene in good numbers. It is just about being focused and consistent. You will get to reap rich rewards and the digital marketing career options will definitely bring you complete career satisfaction.