Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune

Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune – Updated on 28th January 2016

Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Pune

Do you believe in the power of Internet? Are you good in communicating your thoughts? Are you creative and can think out of the box? If yes, then you should think of Digital Marketing as your career. I think everyone knows that Digital Media will keep on growing, and that it will become more and more dominant in our lives. It is more like building relationship digital.

With more and more Indians using the Internet as a means of communicating, this new field of marketing is on a rise and the opportunities for a Digital Marketing professional are huge in India today. It is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction. This is no surprise as the industry is growing at a fast pace and is need of skilled professionals.

The digital marketing umbrella includes Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Data Analysis, Designing and much more. The prospective job seeker should look for job of their interest and strengths in particular segment so that long term objectives remain unchanged.

Digital Marketing is a very dynamic field. It is changing very fast, and hence keeping yourself updated is very important. One should always adapt the new trends and stay ahead of the crowd.

According to the research, the digital economy is growing faster than the traditional economy therefore the firms that engage in online business are likely to be creating more job opportunities. Careers in digital marketing in India is gaining ground. In this section we will talk about the digital marketing career opportunities in Pune. Consider the following companies who are offering different kinds Digital marketing jobs in Pune that you might be interested:

Stark Digital Media Solutions

Stark Digital Media Solutions




Stark Digital Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a professional website and mobile app design & development company dedicated to provide a comprehensive web solutions for both small business and corporate organizations. Currently they are looking for Digital Marketing Executive for Pune office. Candidate should have a good knowledge of Google AdWords, analytics, social media platforms etc. for more details please click here

Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems




Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT) builds software that drives our customers business, for enterprises and software product companies with software at the core of their digital transformation. They are looking for with exceptional interpersonal skills and networking experience to join our Accelerite Business Vertical. The Digital Media Manager is expected to build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination. For more details please click here

Stringhead Technologies

Stringhead Technologies



Stringhead Technologies is a progressive web, software and application development company. They build and market websites, applications that work, it work for the user. They work for the client. It’s that straightforward! They are hiring Digital Marketing Expert -The SEO Analyst / Digital Marketing Expert is responsible for implementing SEO and social media strategies for clients. For more details please click here

Marvel Realtors

Marvel Realtors




Marvel Realtors is one of the renowned names in real estate. From taking luxury to new heights of superiority to redefining the quality and technology implemented in every project. Recognized as India’s Greenest developer by the IGBC Green Homes rating system. Marvel has the highest number of projects with platinum green pre-certification in India. They are hiring Digital Marketing Executive, the designated person will be responsible to ensure effective digital campaigns. For more details please click here

SocialChamps Media Pvt. Ltd.

SocialChamps Media Pvt. Ltd.




It is a Digital/Social Media Marketing Company which provides service to clients across the globe. Expertize in Social Media Branding, Reputation Management, Website Management, Blogging, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Video Promotion and Online Management. Having rich experience of working with more than 350 brands worldwide. The company is looking for

1 Social Media Executive – a social media enthusiast who is talented and passionate about social media. The ideal candidate must have extensive social media experience on various channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For more details please click here

2 SEO Analyst – Desired candidate must hold prior experience in keyword research, content strategy, onsite optimization, offsite promotion and for more details please click here



op digital marketing jobs in bangalore

Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Bangalore – Updated on 27th January

op digital markting jobs in bangalore

Internet and E-commerce is at its boom age in India. According to the research, the digital economy is growing faster than the traditional economy. Careers in digital marketing in India is gaining ground.

The digital marketing is more like building relationship digital, it includes Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Data Analysis, Designing and much more. The prospective job seeker should look for job of their interest and strengths in particular segment so that long term objectives remain unchanged.

Digital Marketing is a very dynamic field and hence keeping oneself updated is very important. One should always adapt the new trends and stay ahead of the crowd. The opportunities for a Digital Marketing professional are enormous. It is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction. This is no surprise as the industry is growing at a fast pace and is need of skilled professionals. Here you can explore the various Digital Marketing Jobs available in Bangalore.






SavvyMob is an On-Demand Mobile Marketplace offering unsold hotel inventory to last minute travellers at the lowest price.We were voted in as a Top 5 Startup by LetsVenture at the LetsIgnite event in April 2015. Currently they are hiring a digital marketing associate who will build our brand name and acquire customers using creative marketing techniques. For more details please click here





We at fisdom have one goal in mind: make your money work for you. That’s why we’re blending cutting edge technology with personalized financial advice. We believe technology can change the investment advisory industry by making it more accessible, understandable and quick. Fisdom is looking for Online/Digital Marketing executive. Candidate must have experience in any of social media marketing (facebook, twitter), content marketing, affiliate channels and google SEM. For more details please click here 

Sapwood Ventures

Sapwood Ventures



Sapwood Ventures was founded in 2006 with the objective of providing quality recruitment services to the corporate world, driven by a deep understanding of organization dynamics and the ability to identify and match the right candidates to specific openings. We are looking for a Digital Marketing Head to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels. For more details please click here

Kayzen Group

KayZen Group



KayZen Group (& its affiliate companies) are focused on providing Business Consulting & Professional Services to KPO companies & few technology start-ups offering Risk & Process Consulting, Scalability & Capability Advisory apart from Talent Management including acquisition. Currently they are hiring Head – Digital Marketing – Startup. The role is responsible for the strategy, execution, analysis, and on-going optimization of our online marketing programs for more details please click here

top digital markting jobs in mumbai

Top Digital marketing Jobs in Mumbai – Updated on 29th January 2016

top digital markting jobs in mumbai

By now, we all know that Digital Marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. As the world is getting more and more digitized in every respect, there is tremendous scope and the opportunities for a Digital Marketing professional are huge in India today. It is an ever-growing source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction. This is no surprise as the industry is growing at a fast pace and is need of skilled professionals.

The digital marketing umbrella included Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Data Analysis, Designing and much more. The prospective job seeker should look for job of their interest and strengths in particular segment so that long term objectives remain unchanged.

Digital Marketing is a very dynamic field. It is changing very fast, and hence keeping yourself updated is very important. One should always adapt the new trends and stay ahead of the crowd.

According to the research, the digital economy is growing faster than the traditional economy therefore the firms that engage in online business are likely to be creating more job opportunities. Careers in digital marketing in India is gaining ground. In this section we will talk about the digital marketing career opportunities in Mumbai. Just like the field the city also has many variety and challenges to offer. There are many small and big digital marketing agencies, corporates, private companies who have digital marketing department and of course online presence, so the scope is wide. Below are some current openings in Digital marketing Jobs in Mumbai: 





Haptik is a chat application founded by Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev in 2013. The app provides a personal assistant service over messaging, where users can chat with experts to get anything done. Company is looking for Digital Marketing manager to join the Marketing team to be entirely responsible for Digital Marketing. For more information, click here.

Digillence Rolson Services

Digillence Rolson Services



Digillence Rolson Services one of the best interactive agencies in Mumbai and also well known for rendering end-to-end web services and solutions that assist in building long lasting relationship between brands and consumers. Currently they are hiring digital marketing executive, click here for more details

Mauj Mobile

Mauj Mobile




Mauj Mobile ( is a global mobile media company with leadership in content and app marketplaces. With over 20mn monthly unique users, Mauj is one of the fastest growing mobile companies in India. Currently they are hiring digital marketing Associate Manager, who will who will be responsible for Managing Search Engine marketing, click here for  more details






Fly with VIP gives you that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of sharing exclusive space with them on an aircraft. Currently they are hiring Digital Marketing Mangaer, candidate should be  smart to handle all the situation and provide suggestions etc. Perks: Free flights with Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Sunny Leone or whoever else you have in mind (no we don’t have Elon Musk yet). Clck here for More details





Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting is a best in class, full service digital marketing firm. Founded in 2010 by IIT/IIM graduates who have worked in senior positions in the Internet industry, our focus is on quality work. We are a badged Google Partner agency. Currently they have following job opportunities:

1.      Digital Marketing Manager – This position requires managing the company’s online/PPC advertising campaigns across Google, Facebook and other online media. These include campaigns to generate leads, campaigns for customer acquisition for ecommerce clients, launch campaigns for new brands, etc click here

2.      Digital Marketing Executive – Manage online advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, ad networks etc.Plan the media spends,Create and run the campaigns,  click here for more details

3.      Senior Content Writer- Writing for websites, online ads, social media, newsletters, emailers and SEO. Websites researching and collating content, recommending site menu and list of pages, writing copy for corporate sites, ecommerce sites etc. click here for more details


Jobs in Marketing Departments of big companies in 2016 – Guidebook

marketing jobs in big companiesSo, you’ve polished your marketing resume, showcased your experience, skills, and qualifications, and have just landed a marketing job in the marketing department of a big company. Or else, you’re putting your repertoire and resume of skills together in order to land a job just like it. Well, it doesn’t matter which phase you’re in. The important part in all this is you getting or going after a marketing job in the marketing department of a big company. Because, folks, it’s a pretty different ball-game in this particular scenario.

The face of marketing in general has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. The Internet is a literal goldmine of marketing potential, after all. But that in no way means that offline marketing strategies are down for the count. In fact, it just means that marketers have to now be adept at balancing both online and offline marketing strategies. And that is especially necessary when you work in a big company’s marketing department.

Anyway, that’s the most general and obvious tip you need to keep in mind about marketing jobs in the marketing departments of big companies. For a more elaborate explanation about what you need to know here though, keep reading:

Marketers Will Have Specific Positions In The Department With More Flexible, Well-Rounded, And Elaborate Job Descriptions:

Like in any job, there are a variety of different marketing positions you can hold here. And this includes both offline as well as digital marketing job opportunities. For instance, you could be a PR or Media Manager, or an SEO Manager, or even a Blog Manager. However, despite the rather specific positions, as you work in the department, you’ll find that your job and others’ jobs intersect quite frequently. In fact, you’ll find that it’s much more effective to your career and your projects if you take every opportunity you can to learn about the functions of the other marketing members in the department. (For instance, if you’re a blog manager, you’ll be much more effective if you also learned SEO strategies and social media management techniques as well. That way, your blog posts will have a much wider reach online.)

Qualifications May Be Either Marketing-Centered Or Diverse, But Skills Are More Important:

The cool part about marketing departments in big companies is that they will hire people they think are right for the job, regardless of their qualifications. That’s not to say qualifications are unnecessary. Far from it! But even if you own a degree in marketing communication, a digital marketing professional diploma, a digital marketing professional certificate, or some other related course certificate, it will be your practical skills that will get you picked.

You Get To Work With Bigger Budgets:

Now, this is the fun part about getting a job in the marketing department of a big company! You get versatile projects, and you have the freedom to let your creativity run wild without the constraint of stringent budgets. Of course, you will have a limit. But that limit will be much, much farther than what you would have had in a smaller company or startup. (So rejoice! No more cutting down your overall design to a fraction of itself due to horrible budget cuts or restraints.)

Keep Acquiring Knowledge About The Entire Range of End-To-End Marketing Processes:

You can’t isolate yourself to your own job function or even to just your own marketing team. After all, marketing requires effective communication. And the more information you have, the better you communicate. So, if to really want to flourish in such a job, you’ve got to keep updating yourself and learn about the entire end-to-end marketing processes in your department and company, even those processes decidedly outside your expertise.

In simpler terms (for instance), even if you’re in the SEO department of expertise and work with your own SEO-related team, it is still likely that you’ll have situations where you will need to interact with vendors, as well as communicate to team members outside your team.

All of these extra trimmings will only train you into a better communicator though, which in turn will only enhance and extend your repertoire of skills.

Job Opportunities in Digital Agencies in 2016 – Updated on 22nd January 2016

jobs in agencies

What is a Digital Agency?

A digital agency is a firm that takes care of creative, tactical and technical needs of a specific client. The agency could be a separate entity that functions by itself or part of a bigger organization. Earlier, such an organization limited itself to marketing and communication needs like delivering e-mails and designing advertisements. Now their responsibilities have grown exponentially. Depending on the needs of the clients, digital agencies now cater to needs like social networking, digital signage, creating applications, videos, podcasts and software. With this rich and vibrant repertoire, digital agencies are talent hubs that constantly explore new avenues in marketing, branding and sales.

What skill set is required to work in a Digital Agency?

Since the world of digital marketing includes many technical and non-technical requirements, a basic digital marketing course that offers placement is recommended. Since a digital agency undertakes creative tasks like designing and sometimes even software development, it is highly desirable. In addition to this, a good grasp over basic marketing and sales strategies is also required. Many digital agencies require content writers to handle social networking and blogs so good writing skills are also worth cultivating if a job in digital marketing is aspired for.

What is the scope of jobs in Digital Agencies in India?

Since marketing is an extremely lucrative but also an extremely diverse field, finding the right niche is important. Digital Agencies are exceedingly in demand in the current scenario because digital marketing is very important to business. Since the whole world is connected via screens in today’s world, reaching out to clients is easy, viral and beneficial through the web. Finding a lacuna in the online world and filling it with pertinent information regarding the product is of utmost importance. Creative and unique online advertising also plays a pivotal role in increasing sales. This makes it one of the most relevant jobs available in today’s market.

Digital marketing is very important in India because it is a young, growing market with a huge population of tech-savvy consumers. Even though digital agencies are thriving in India, the full potential of the market is yet to be untapped. A digital marketing creative agency is the right place to begin a career because the opportunities are endless and the scope is colossal.

Job Profiles in Digital Agencies

Digital Marketing jobs are available in all major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Cochin and Chennai. Some examples of prolific companies include Hive Minds, Inkoniq, DigiFlip, Post Box Communications, Interactive Avenues, Orion Digital, Audio Campus and Shell Infotech.  Some popular job profiles include Social Media Manager, Media Executive, Business Development Manager, Content Head/ Content Analyst, Creative Strategist, Online Media Strategist, Web Developer, Software Analyst, Graphic Designer etc.

A career in digital marketing involves futuristic thinking and long-term vision. It is not limited to exploring new ways to market products but to finding new avenues that change the way people see the world. It is a highly relevant, challenging and rewarding industry that moulds a person holistically and helps him reach the zenith of professional advance

Digital Marketing Job Openings in KPO’s – Updated on 26th January 2016

Jobs in KPOs


For a brief introduction to the exact meaning of KPO, KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is an extension of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), but with a focus on the information side of business processes. KPO is, in general, a more complex process than BPO, and hence, it requires a high level of organization and communication channels between the operators.

So, now that you know what you’re dealing with, let’s get to the various jobs you can take up in KPOs. For you have quite a range of digital marketing job openings in KPOs in addition to other knowledge and information processes. So it’s a literal gold mine for anyone interested in this field.

Web Analytics Jobs

As most if not all KPO processes relate to information and knowledge sharing on the Internet, Web Analytics jobs are a dime a dozen in KPOs. And all you need are the skills to land this job and then flourish in it.

To clarify, Web Analytics refers to collecting web data, measuring it, and then analysing it in order to report the results obtained. And this is essential to figure out how something is faring online.

Social Media Jobs

Social media refers to online social platforms where users interact over the World Wide Web. Most data is shared on social networking accounts, and it is currently the best way possible to gain an audience for a post, offer, or news. However, businesses are required to also interact with their followers on social media. So it’s not enough to just generate content and share it. Rather, interactions via comments, likes, and shares of other posts – just like a regular person interacting on social media would do among their connections – are essential.

SEO Jobs

If you want anything you put up online to gain the right kind of audience and the necessary kind of reactions, SEO is essential. So the demand for SEO experts is only rising by the day, as it is quite necessary for practically any online platform that deals with content (like websites, blogs, social media, etc.)

Web Research Jobs

In order to gain a good online marketing strategy, research and identification of online trends is essential. So web researchers are a prime job opportunity in KPOs. These researchers are the ones who find out what is currently trending on the web, what certain audience pattern indicate, and how and what content should be generated in order to create the most impact on the online target audience.

Design Jobs

Design jobs are another that’s aplenty in KPOs. After all, a platform needs to be designed on which content can be posted on. And it has to be designed in such a way that it is user-friendly, responsive, effective, and serviceable over a variety of platforms and devices. However, do note that designers who have digital marketing related experience will be preferred for such jobs.

There are plenty more jobs that you can find in KPOs. But these are the ones with the most amount of growth and opportunity.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities For Creative Professionals in 2016 – Updated on 29th January 2016

jobs for creative professionals

Digital agencies and Creative Professionals

The past few decades have shown tremendous change in the way marketing, sales and advertising is defined. Perhaps the most important of these changes have been the way digital marketing has become inevitable to the cause of business.  As businesses continue to thrive in many forms and avatars, digital marketing is important because as times change, strategies must also change. Print is still valid but its power is on a decline with digital media like TV, Radio and the Internet consistently taking its place.  This is because, unlike print, digital marketing will ensure that many obstacles between the consumer and the retailer can be overcome in new and innovative ways.

Digital marketing is important especially in countries like India because it is a growing market full of opportunities and tech savvy consumers who are easy to connect with on a digital platform.

Since digital marketing has grown and spread its branches across various sectors, jobs related to art, design, animation, software, content writing, marketing and management are all a part of digital agencies. So, if creating visually appealing stuff is your forte, you are threading the right path.  It is a haven for creative individuals with career opportunities like graphics designing, animation specialists or copy writing.



Growing opportunities

Creative professionals who specialize in writing have a lot of demand in digital agencies. Their job profiles could be that of content writer or content analyst. The nature of the job deals with promoting the client’s web page with the help of ingeniously well crafted content. This will include content written for social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), AdWords, blogs etc. The primary requirement for this job profile is a firm understanding of web behavior. The changing trends of social networking sites and the current interests of the target group must reflect in the content written for that particular purpose. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the visibility of the web page as carefully worded content will lead to the appearance of the desired web page in the top search results. Similarly, AdWords is a feature offered by Google that requires payment only when the advertisement receives clicks. Only prodigiously crafted ads can invite clicks by users. These opportunities make digital agencies a challenging and satisfying atmosphere for creative writers.

Web designing and graphic animations are also major participants in the digital marketing game. Consumers of the digital age expect the overall aesthetic quality of the web page to be perfectly attractive. They also prefer an interactive online platform that gives the impression of talking to a person and not a machine. These aesthetic and interactive features are carefully visualized and created by animators and designers who understand the needs of the clients and the pulse of the target group.


Exploring new avenues

Though digital agencies are flourishing in India, this is only just the beginning. Since more and more people are coming aboard the digital ship, it is evident that the industry will go forward and diversify into new forms and possibilities. With the need to adapt to a world which changes at lightning speed, a host of creative professionals have a role to play in the digital marketing business. It is, currently, among the most lucrative fields for creative professionals in India.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities For IT Professionals in 2016 – Updated on 29th January

Career as an IT Professional in Today’s Job Market

Connectivity is the name of the game today. And as a tech professional (or as a wannabe tech professional), you need to keep up with the updates, developments and new trends in technology in order to succeed in the job market. The main thing to know here is that things aren’t the same they were a few years ago. In fact, considering the massive enhancements that happen in the technology sector practically every month, even if your skills are recently acquired, chances are that you had better check for updates again.

So, now that you know why you should pick up the pace and keep your study skills handy, here’s a list of a couple of skills you should drown yourself in as an IT professional, if you want to compete in today’s job market:


Now, networking here refers to two things: One is networking tech support, where you learn how to fix any networking errors either you or a client faces on their networking device. This feature also falls under the banner of desktop support now as well. So see why this is such a demanded skill?

The second thing is networking on social media. And yes, you need to know this. After all, if you’re going to fix and manage information technology via the Internet, you should also be adept at managing the information channels on the Internet. Plus, whatever skill you have, whatever product or service you create or are hired to create, that skill, product, or service needs to be “findable” and “discoverable” by the target audience. So yes, networking via social media is a definite skill you need to cultivate.

Project Management

IT companies work on projects that live through deadlines and take quite a bit of preparation and money. Hence, organization and efficiency is essential in this field. And consequently, that means you, as a tech professional, need to have project management skills.

You’re also going to need soft skills as well, since it’s likely that you’ll have to interact with your clients – and even need to explain the process of the project to them sometimes.

Vendor Management

Sadly, not many IT courses cover this essential skill. But with outsourcing for IT projects on the rise, IT professionals who can work with and supervise vendors will have better career growth than those who do not.

Web Marketing Skills

Now, online marketing may not be in your job description, or part of anything close to what you signed up for. But, learning at least the basics of Web marketing skills, like SEO techniques, social media networking, and such, will greatly add to your skills and employability. After all, the best place for your customers to find your product is on the Web. So you might as well get yourself familiar with how the Internet works, and how you can make your product discoverable and marketable on the World Wide Web.

Communication Skills and Knowledge Sharing Skills

Communication skills in this particular field work two ways. On one side, such skills are essential to communicate clearly with a client, or to even propose or present a project to them. On the other side, you need to be able to communicate the project details and instructions up and down the hierarchy and to your team mates with minimum to no misunderstanding regarding the information given.

As for knowledge sharing skills, the simple fact is that you are doubly valuable if you have the ability to transfer your knowledge to others.

Business Skills and Marketing Skills

In the end, whatever you create, it has to be discoverable by your audience, and consequently, it has to be marketable. And this is where business skills and marketing skills come into play.



Digital Marketing Job Opportunities For Design and UX Professionals in 2016 – Updated on 28 January 2016

jobs for design and ux professionals


Gone are the days where a specific skill-set or qualification was sufficient for a job. Sure, there are still jobs and occupations like that. But they’re few and far between. And when you’re considering jobs related to design and/or new media (also known as the Internet or Internet media by the way, in case the clarification was necessary), it is absolutely impossible to limit yourself to a particular set of skills or a fixed limit of learning. Or at least, it is impossible if you actually want a flourishing career in this field.

Now, as we’ve possibly added enough pressure on you about your chosen design professions, we’ll move on to the actual skills and knowledge you need to develop in order to grow in this particular profession.

Learn as much as you can about new media platforms:

In today’s Internet-driven world, you are sorely limiting yourself as a designer if you don’t learn how to apply your skills to design new media platforms. And, if your choice is already on being a UX professional, that’s great. With Smartphones and Tablets more easily available and carried by the mass new media audience than laptops nowadays, it is essential that you update your design skills to work on platforms that are compatible with both Smartphones and Tablets, in addition to laptops.


Update your design skills constantly and learn about digital marketing:

Let’s get down to the core of your profession” You are going to design for the Internet; it’s inevitable. And the majority of times you design for the Internet, you will probably be doing so for the purpose of digitally marketing something. So, not only do you have to keep updating your design-related skills, you also have to learn about digital marketing and what the process of it entails. And the easiest way to do so is to join a digital marketing training course. It doesn’t even matter if, at the end of the course, you earn a digital marketing professional certificate, or a digital marketing professional diploma, or some other kind of certificate either. All that matters is that you learn about digital marketing so that you know how to implement those practices in relation to your design. SEO skills especially will greatly help you out.


Develop your business acumen:

At the end of the day, you are working for a business. And, if you’re a freelancer, this is even truer; in fact, you are the business. Hence, it’s essential that you pick up a certain level of business skills. Also, you are mostly going to be designing platforms for businesses. Hence, your understanding about how and why a business works will balance out your design skills to be even more effective.


The world is an interactive, information-driven place now. And that comes with both advantages and disadvantages. But if you keep yourself updated on the online marketing trends in this field, you’ll be able to reap most of the benefits.



Digital Marketing Job Opportunities for Sales and Marketing Professionals in 2016- Updated on 27th January 2016

Jobs for Current Sales and Marketing Professionals



Over the course of the last two decades, sales and marketing strategies have undergone massive strategic and conceptual changes. As they are catering to the connected consumer base of today, what needs to change first is the traditional mindset. Digital marketing is important to businesses because experimenting and learning the current trends of market behavior is the only way to fully optimize the market.

The number of tools, platforms and systems available to sales and marketing professionals to upgrade their knowledge and career opportunities is numerous and highly easy to acquire. Current sales and marketing job descriptions also show a leaning towards professionals who are capable of understanding and maneuvering web behavior.  

Current Opportunities

The biggest change in marketing has been the shift from brand centric propaganda to customer centric marketing. In this highly connected era where every target group tries to acquire information through screens, it is highly relevant for sales professionals to step into marketing. As most clients prefer real time conversations online, sales professionals have the opportunity to step in to promote a consumer-specific strategy that will ensure the client of the company’s integrity. Even the simple act of acquiring the e-mail id and phone number of a prospective client with the promise of sending relevant data will play a role in boosting sales targets.  This will require a well-rooted knowledge of the company’s policies as well as the expectations and overall behavior of the target group.

E-commerce is booming in India and digital marketing is the perfect avenue to build a career in marketing and sales. Professionals with a clear understanding of what the customer needs are very much in demand. Sales and marketing professionals need to recognize the fact that the consumer of today is highly informed about their decisions. Therefore, the focus should be on connecting with the client and providing relevant data.

Marketing and sales job profiles do not limit themselves to e-mail and telecommunications anymore. They are required to handle web pages, applications and other digital media efficiently to become more consumer-centric. These avenues need sales and marketing professionals who are well versed in marketing strategies as well as efficient use of digital resources.

How to upgrade to the digital market

Most major companies have realized the importance of digital marketing and are on the lookout for skilled individuals who can make optimum use of digital media to enhance consumer satisfaction. A sales or marketing professional can upgrade to the digital market by enrolling in online courses that can enhance their skill set without compromising their current job. A course in digital management can greatly aid sales professionals in making efficient use of the tools and platforms available online and also help them understand the behavior of the target group.

As per the desired job role, a diploma in digital management can also help a sales or marketing professional to upgrade to a better career. Since digital management is the future of advertising, management and sales, it is a wise option to explore career options in this niche area.