Digital Marketing Jobs for MBA Graduates in 2017 – Updated on 19 May 2017

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing Management for MBA Graduates Thanks to the Internet virtually taking up every sector, businesses now have a heaping amount of participation necessary in the World Wide Web. So it’s no surprise that digital marketing is constantly growing field with incredible scope. In fact, here’s a graph on the what the predicted prospects of various marketing careers look like:   Why MBA Graduates are Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Jobs for BMS Students and Graduates in 2017– Updated on 18th May

Why Business Management & Digital Marketing Cannot be Separated Anymore Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the job market today. With the steady rise of people choosing to shop online, the number of businesses going online is phenomenal. Another major factor that opens up plenty of job opportunities is the current trend of favoring mobiles over desktops. As more and more customers prefer to shop and access social media Read more [...]

YouTube Monetization Rates in India: Your Complete Guide to Monetizing YouTube and Posting Advertisements on YouTube in India YouTube is unarguably the very best video social media platform on the World Wide Web. And, considering the current popularity of video content above all other kinds of content, YouTube is an advertising and marketing goldmine if one plays their cards right. In fact, despite YouTube being a free platform, many YouTubers are actually making a decent income by monetizing their channels via ads – a lot like a blogger or website owner might. And advertisers Read more [...]

Twitter Ad Rates in India: Your Best Guide to Using Advertising Campaigns on Twitter in India Twitter's advertising platform is huge. And while its content restrictions might seem counter-productive for advertising and marketing, its micro blogging feature is precisely what makes this such an effective advertising platform. After all, a limit of 140 characters (for text content, images, and all tweet-embedded media as a whole) and 140 seconds (for video) actually forces advertisers to keep their content concise, as well as design the ad to be Read more [...]

LinkedIn Ad Rates in India: Everything You Need to Know about Advertising on LinkedIn in India LinkedIn is an excellent self-service advertising platform for marketers and advertisers to promote their business and services. And, while Facebook and Twitter are more prominent as advertising and marketing platforms, marketers will be losing out in not advertising on LinkedIn as part of their marketing strategy. For, it is, after all, the fastest growing professional social media network out there. A Basic Introduction to LinkedIn Ads If you're Read more [...]