Careers in Web Analytics in India

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Web analytics Career in India

Everybody wants to be present online when people search for terms related to their products or services. But very few people understand the concept of being present at the top, in depth. To stay at the top you need to understand the nitty gritties of the web and this can help you to build a concrete business on an ever-changing platform.

Due to these requirements where a person is required to study the intricate details of a brand’s web activity, the job for a web analytics person has evolved. A web analytics person’s job involves understanding an organisation’s web presence & using the insights to grab a larger horizon. So let’s take a look upon the various skills you should have for a job in web analytics, how is your career path structured in this field and some job openings for web analytics in India.

Skills required for Jobs in Web Analytics

Basic Skills

In web analytics you should have profound knowledge of the concepts of technology, marketing and statistics to optimize your career. Web analytics is a changing domain, so you need to keep studying and learning about the job.

Advance Skills

Some specific skills that you need to have in web analytics are; Basic understanding of website design, page layouts & information architecture. Along with that you should also know web marketing options like SEM, SEO, email marketing and online advertising.

Technical Skills

In the technical skills you should have the understanding of internet technologies like JavaScript, HTML, web servers, log files and server-side scripting.

Extra Skills

You should also have an experience using MS-Excel & web analytical tools like ClickTracks, Omniture, NetTracker & most importantly, Google Analytics.

Career path in Web Analytics

Web analytics is a broad field and there’s a need for special analytical experts. This creates few sub-categories and helps you to understand the career path in Web analytics. Here are few of the main areas in web analytics which you can excel in and grow in your career path.

Web Analyst

A Web Analyst has to keep a track of what happens on the company’s website. This involves tracking visits, click paths, clicks, views, conversations, level of engagement & bounces. He also has to get insights about the performance of every page in the website and do the needful changes for the site to perform better.

Social Media Analyst

In this part of the job you have to measure and analyze the overall social media presence of the company which mainly include; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs. You have to keep a track of how well your site’s performing on these social networking platforms and do the needful to improve the site’s performance in social media.

Competitive Analyst

In this job you have to keep a track of the competitor’s activities and build a successful strategy for your own brand.

Campaign Analyst

As a campaign analyst you have to focus on increasing the ROI of a particular brand. You need to develop strategies for online adverstising, PPC campaigns and email marketing for increasing the clicks and the leads. Profound knowledge about Omniture and Google Analytics is a must when you are a Campaign Analyst.

Job Openings in Web Analytics

Now as we spoke about the career path and the skills you require in Web analytics, let’s take a look upon the current openings for Web Analytics Jobs in India.

Web Analytics Consultants Eclerx Services Ltd. | Mumbai

Eclerx Services Ltd. is one of the first Knowledge Process firms listed in India (Bombay Stock Exchange: ECLERX), provides diverse and complex data analytics and customized process solutions to global enterprise Clients from our multiple India-based delivery centers. There’s an opening for a position of a Web Analytics Consultants at eClerx Services Ltd. Learn more about this position.

Web Analytics – Program Manager at Eclerx Services Ltd. | Mumbai

Eclerx is also looking for a person with more than five years of experience for the position of a Program Manager in their Web Analytics department. The Job description involves a wide array of skills and responsibilities. Learn more about this Job opening.

There’s also a Digital Marketing Jobs Meet-Up happening in Mumbai where you can meet the HR team from Eclerx and have a chance to get placed in the organisation. Learn more about the Jobs Meet-Up



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