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Interesting tit-bits about search engine history

Starting with basics : Google was NOT the first search engine.
The very first tool used for searching on the Internet was called 'Archie' The name stands for "archive" without the "v."
The next search programs were called Veronica and Jughead. The Archie comic strips have indeed had a geeky fan following :). Veronica stands for "Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives" and Jughead stands for Jonzy'sUniversal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation And Display. Absolutely No comments.

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The Catalyst Series is back and how !!

Featuring an eminent panel of guest speakers from the industry, the current series has a
‘domain’ focus. Each webinar would talk about how digital technology/ digital marketing is
impacting a particular vertical.(insurance,travel,etc..)
Each webinar would be for around half an hour followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Our webinars are
not one-way academic seminars.They are majorly two-way, on-the-ground discussions with
All webinars are on Fridays@5:30
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