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Banner Ad Rates in India: All You Need to Know about Web Banner Ads and the Cost of Using Banner Ads in India


Web banner ads were all the rage when online advertising was new and novel. However, nowadays, thanks to the popularity of social media advertising, the popularity and usage of traditional web banner ads have declined. However, that's not to say that they have disappeared. Thanks to advertising platforms like Google AdWords and the like, the website banner ad is still in the game, just that it now accompanies a slew of other advertising formats as well.
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What To Expect When It Comes To Marketing Trends In The Hospitality Industry In India


Compared to other industries, the hospitality industry is actually fairly new when it comes to involving digital technology into its everyday marketing. But, despite it being new, such practices have been picking up speed recently. And, with new technologies, apps, and web tools already being developed and at hand, it's time the hospitality industry embraced digital technology as commonly as other industries have had to. On that note, here are the trends Read more [...]