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SEO in 2019 : A workshop on advance SEO tactics in Mumbai

Here’s your chance to begin 2019 with the right note. Learning Catalyst is doing a workshop on ‘Advanced SEO Tips & Techniques to Get Better Ranking in 2019’ Topics covered would be : 1) Keyword Research is considered routine and mundane – it’s not ! Finding opportunities is the name of the game Page Wise […]

How to Limit Your Kids Tech Use

Now’s the time to set up and reinforce healthy tech habits. Children at the grade school age level will likely be using technology on a daily basis. As they still look to you for guidance, this is a pivotal time to establish and reinforce the appropriate use of technology and the benefits your family can […]

AI algorithms are getting smarter | 2018 Year End Update

IMAGENET TRAINING TIME The graph below shows the amount of time it takes to train a network to classify pictures from the ImageNet corpus (an image database) with a high degree of accuracy. This metric is a proxy for the time it takes well-resourced actors in the AI field to train large networks to perform […]

Real time Analytics vs Google Analytics

Some nice insights on Real Time Analytics here in the last 10 minutes of this video. Check it out (1) It can be used as a company dashboard so everyone is looking at the same traffic data. So that if something is not doing well, everyone gets to know immediately. (2) It is data which […]

The 7 best online digital marketing certifications

Digital Marketing Certifications benefit you irrespective of the stage you are at in your digital marketing career. Whether you are starting out in the field of digital marketing or have been into digital marketing for quite some time now, these professional digital marketing certifications help you progress further ahead in your career and also gain […]

Twitter ads India 2018 advertising guide

Twitter Ads India 2018 is an advertising guide which aims to walk you through the process of setting up ad campaigns on Twitter for successfully promoting your business on the platform. Advertising on Twitter can prove to be effective in reaching out to a wider audience as Twitter is a platform that has been used […]

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