Engineer Digital: An Example of a Marketing Agency that Specifically Targets Engineers

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for anything that involves the Internet or World Wide Web being used for promoting, marketing, advertising, engaging, conversing, branding, or selling. In short, absolutely anything a business does online — no matter what kind of business that may be — will fall under the realm of digital marketing practices for that business.

So now that we’ve clarified what digital marketing is and why it can be found everywhere, let’s skip to why and how Engineering students and graduates can jump into the field.

Why Engineers are in Demand for Digital Marketing Jobs

Now, most likely, you, as an engineering student, never really thought of going into marketing when you joined your course — let alone digital marketing. Maybe you never even considered that digital marketing could be a career option for you at all.

But guess what? If you’re interested in such a career, you can too catch a digital marketing career for yourself. In fact, there are plenty of companies out there right now who would love to hire engineers to become digital marketers in their company. And why? Because there are thousands of industries out there that need to get onto the digital marketing bandwagon too. And who better to bring their products and information online than an engineer who actually has all the knowledge and information of how the industry works?

For example, if you are an electrical engineering student, it is a valid guess that you probably already know how electrical products work, as well as how the entire manufacturing and industrial processes of those electrical goods come about. That means you can not only understand how this particular industry works, but also what needs to be communicated about the products and company you work for. Now, all you have to do is apply that same knowledge in the digital sphere so that it reaches the Internet audiences of the world.

Another reason for engineers being needed in the digital marketing job spectrum is because of education and information purposes. In other words, there are so many educational blogs and websites out there. And so many of them have engineering topics and news as their main subject. Which, again, will be best communicated and marketed by a person who already has sound knowledge of engineering topics.

In fact, check out the following graph on engineering blogs and what online medium is most popular for such blogs. Who could better handle such blogs and their digital marketing needs than engineers themselves?

What format do you prefer for your engineering news and information

And there you have it: Your engineering knowledge and skills now come in great demand in the digital marketing field.

Core Skills an Engineering Student Needs for a Digital Marketing Career:

Basically, there are certain skills an engineering student or graduate requires before they can jump into digital marketing:

  • Digital Know-How

This skill is an obvious necessity: You need to understand how digital platforms work and how to manage them. After all, this is the platform you are going to be working with.

  • Communication Skills

The Internet is all about communication. So it’s not enough that you only have the digital and engineering based knowledge and skills required for the post; you should also have the ability to clearly and engagingly communicate your knowledge online to audiences — and this includes both users who have engineering knowledge, as well as those who have no knowledge about engineering at all.

  • Analytical Skills

As most engineers are trained to analyze data and check for practical solutions in the course of their studies, this is a pretty easy skill to develop. However, again, remember that you have to apply these skills on analyzing digital data and implementing digital marketing strategies.

  • Self-Learning Skills

Technology and information is always being updated, as an engineering graduate will already know. Hence, it’s important to constantly update yourself and teach yourself new skills as and when Web technology, digital software, and online trends change. And, of course, you should also keep in touch with the updated information regarding your own [engineering] field of expertise.

  • A Digital Skill

As an engineer, you’ll already have a number of skills related to your field. But, it’s a good idea to learn a skill that will add to your repertoire digitally as well. For example: A software engineer would find it easy to pick up app development skills. A mechanical engineer could learn a 3D computer design software. Or an electrical or civil engineer could work on their writing skills to become expert online writers in their field

Digital Marketing Job Titles Engineers can Seek a Career In

The following list of job posts are a few of the most common kinds of areas where engineering students can find a career:

Web Development:

Developing and creating websites is right up the alley for engineers who are familiar with web design and coding. After all, engineering means building and creating stuff. The main difference here is that it’s a digital product.

Software Development:

With the number of Web applications and digital software that are out there, an engineer with software development skills can find a number of companies willing to hire him or her. Cloud-based companies, as well as companies that primarily work with cloud computing software and want to develop their own cloud software, both require engineering graduates with software development skills. (Software engineering graduates are particularly coveted for this kind of work.)

Mobile Development:

With so many users online, websites now need to be adapted to mobile device platforms. Plus, all businesses and services are now looking for mobile app developers who will develop customized mobile apps for their business.

Engineering Content Experts:

There are a number of websites, blogs, and e-magazines out there that particularly target engineering students, engineering graduates, aspiring engineers, and experienced engineers as their target audience. And engineering students who have the requisite content writing skills would be perfect to cater to such an audience niche.

Do note that the above list of job titles is not exhaustive. New and old job titles are appearing and changing almost every few months as digital marketing as a whole adapts and changes the job market, industries, and how the world functions.