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» Learning Catalyst’s Affiliate Marketing Training Course in Mumbai

Learning Catalyst provides the finest Affiliate Marketing Training course in Mumbai. We have industry experts as Faculty in our Affiliate Marketing Training Course. We also provide Affiliate Marketing training in other major cities in India.

Below, you can check the topics we cover in our Affiliate Marketing Training Course. Also, you can discover what you can achieve after you complete the Affiliate Marketing training.

Our Guide to Careers in Affiliate Marketing Faculty

Anish Sapra Faculty for  SEO Training Course in MumbaiAnish Sapra
Head – Search Marketing & Digital Media Analytics at Shaadi .com
Details : 6 weeks, Rs.13,000, All sessions on Sat and Sun. Online study material.
Why Learning Catalyst
Special Support For Small Biz Owners in the batch
Placement / Freelancing Support Assurance
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Affiliate Marketing Training Course Outcome

You will understand techniques used by successful affiliate marketing guys.

Basics of search advertising and affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Training Course Content

Session Topic Some of the areas that will be covered
1 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Why will Affiliate Marketing be always be around !
Types of Affiliate programs.
Comparison between two-tier and residual affiliate programs.
Comparison of affiliate with other digital advertising tactics
2 Affiliate Marketing for Affiliates (Site Owners) – 1 How Content = Traffic = Monetise Route to success.
How to use the Pre-selling tactic
Potential Monetisation models for the site
3 Affiliate Marketing for Affiliates (Site Owners) – 1 How to get free traffic
Importance of database building
Analyzing Visitor Stats
Staying away from Affiliate Marketing scams
4 Affiliate Marketing for Merchants

When should you choose affiliate networks ? Should you outsource this function ?
What are ways to Market your Affiliate Program
How to motivating affiliates & On Going Costs
Introduction to PPC PPC and Affiliate Marketing
How to set-up campaigns and manage them
Google Adwords iFAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions)
How to leverage Arbitrage Marketing
6 Data Analysis & Profit Boosting Tools to Analyse
Analytics & Admanager
What to Analyse (eCPM Vs Revenue)
Measuring Performance
Goal Settings & Bidding