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» Advanced Android Application Development course in mumbai

Learning Catalyst provides the finest Advanced Android Application Development Course in Mumbai. We have industry experts as our faculty for our Advanced Android Application Development Course in Mumbai & we also provide Android Application training in other major cities in India.

Below, you can browse through the topics we cover in the module of our Advanced Android Application Development Course in Mumbai. Also, you can discover what you can achieve after you complete our Android App Development Tranining in Mumbai

Our Guide to Careers in Mobile Application Development Faculty
Vikas Kedia | Faculty for Advanced Android Application Development course in mumbaiVikas KediaCEOat MobiTrail
Duration : 4 weeks
Cost : 18,000 /-
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Topics Covered in our Advanced Android Application Development Course

Session Topic Some of the areas that will be covered

1 The Fundamentals Contains Key infoemation about Android Platform.
Also helps you to understand your potential.
2 Timeline Takes you to new dimensions where you can understand the your prespective future as an Android Developer..
3 Preparing Bagpack Shows you how to get ready for Android App Development.
and get to play around Android SDK.
4 Easy Start Up Get your hand on SDK and Emaluator and get known about the Build, Compile and Make of Android App
5 Virtual Device Create your Own Virtual Devices
6 Android Make Gets you ready and go for creating Basic User Interface for Apps..
7 Say Hello World to Android World Get you Started with basic Hello World App
8 Views and Windows Describes the Android windowing model and shows you how you use views to organize your user interface.
9 Event Handling Describes the Android event model and shows you how to handle Touch and motion-based events. It also shows you how to incorporate Event driven response in your application.
10 Menus and Contextt Describes the Android Menu modelling and shows you how to incorporate it in your views and interface.
11 Customise Your World Change the Look and Feel of your Hello world App with Views, Windows and Context.
12 Music and Videos Get know to file format supported by Android. And also know how to do media operations.
13 Play and Pause Get your app ready with Media Fuctions
14 Bug it out! Get hands at debugging Android App and also understand Error Handling concepts.
15 Data operations Describes you about data base connectivity for android app and how to get working with SQL lite Database.
16 Webify the App Learn how to Create a web connected Application. Also get you head started with Databases over web services
17 Big Picture Describes the drawing of object with XML
18 Picture in Motion Get you started with Animating objects.
19 Native Developmen Describes the simplicity of Android Programming with native coding in C and C++.
20 Access the Base Learn How to Access Basic Hardware Platform like Camera and G-sensor. And also Helps you to create a app that access basic platform.
21 Best Practice This Will help you to understand The do’s and don’t’s and best approches for Programming
22 Accesorise Get your hands on the latest of technology like Android ADK.