Activity for Tue 26th April – Making a plan to increase the subscribers on your YouTube channel |Digital Marketing Gym Activity

All, when we meet on Tuesday, we will make a detailed plan on increasing the subscribers for YouTube Channel. We will take up any Youtube Channel and detail out things like; How to improve the thumbnails of the videos ? How to use the current analytics data to make decisions ? How to step-up the production levels of your current videos? How to partner with other channels and create a win-win situation? How to use social media to ramp up subscribers? And yes, pls note that all Read more [...]
Digital Marketing Gym

Activity for Tue 19th April – Improving your social media presence |Digital Marketing Gym Activity Digital Marketing Gym Live Session on Tuesday 19th April 7:30 P.M. Topic : Improving your social media presence (Facebook and Twitter) Dear All : when we meet on Tue, we will make a fan page or Twitter account for ANY brand and then worry about crucial things like What kind of a cover photo would be required ? What kind of a profile pic would be appropriate? What kind of people do I need to follow on Twitter? Is there Read more [...]