Career Opportunities in iOS App Development in India

What to Watch Out for and to Prepare for a Career as an iOS (Apple) Developer

Career Opportunities in iOS App Development in India

With newer versions of iPods, iPads, and iPads flooding the tech market every month, an aspiring iOS developer can rest assured that he or she will have plenty of job prospects to look forward to in the future. However, though iOS development is a highly lucrative skill, acquiring all the knowledge and skills required to call one an iOS developer is no easy task. You’re going to have to crack down on your brain to pick up the knowledge necessary for a career in this field. And then, for the best job prospects, you’re going to have to apply those skills yourself to develop an app of your own to showcase to potential employers.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Before you can create an app, you’ve got to learn the trade. So here’s a step by step account of how you should prepare yourselves if you’re looking to get into the iOS development job market.

1) Learn the Theoretic and Basics of Building Software

Now, before you jump into iOS development, it’s a good idea to get a firm grasp on the theoretical part of building software or an app first. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself getting stumped in places that you could have easily avoided. (This is technology, my friend. It makes life easier for the user. But if you want to make great apps, you’re going to have to learn things about app building from scratch.)

Building a software or app is not just about what it’s going to be used for, but also about how it looks (the app’s structure) and how it’s going to be used (testing the app). Plus, learning how to debug and test your software at various stages of development is a skill you simply can’t afford to skip at this stage.

2) Treat Learning Source Control as the Holy Book of App Development

There isn’t a software development alive that doesn’t need source control. It is the entire canvas or blueprint on which you make your app or software. And that’s no joke. It doesn’t matter if you work solo, or if you work in a team; when you’re building an app, you need to use source control. Source control is what allows you to create check points at various points while you’re building your app. Source control is how you can fall back on previous versions of your app if need be. And source control is how you communicate or explain to other app developers how you built the app at every stage and point, and why you did something or made a change the way you did. So in short, you cannot do without learning source control. You just can’t.

3) What You Actually Need to Know

Now you’ve passed the beginner’s stage. Great. So let’s get down to business. This is the very basics of what you need to learn in order to become an iOS developer: Objective C, Swift, iOS, XCode, Interface Builder, Version Control, and Frameworks.

Now, if you’re new, you might wonder why we just didn’t directly mention iOS, since how to prepare to be an iOS developer is the main point of this article. Well, that’s because you need a base before you jump into the structure; a strong foundation before you start using the building materials. And, a lot like actual building materials in the real world, all the above tools mentioned need to be learned so that you’ll know how to use them in tandem with each other.

Now let’s explore these tools’ various purposes and roles: Objective C is, of course, the coding language you use to create and develop iOS apps. So of course you need to learn this first and foremost. You also need to learn the workings of iOS if you want to be an iOS developer. Then, Swift, as it is Apple’s programming language for iOS apps, you of course need to learn this as well. XCode is the development studio used to create and develop Apple apps. The best part though, is that XCode is free to download, and it would be very much to your benefit if you learned this. Interface Builder is for the visual aspect of the app, as it allows you to design your app’s user interface. Version Control is something you must learn to know how to use a versioning system for code; it is an essential skill for every coder and app developer. And finally, Frameworks is something you should learn so that you learn how to save time by smartly reusing code wherever possible or necessary – and this includes code written by other too.

4) Build an App: It’s the Best Resume You’ll Have for an iOS Developer Job

So, now that you’ve learned all the skills you’ll need to apply for a job as an iOS Developer, the best thing you can do to actually get that job is to build an app yourself. Because, you might have learned all this stuff. But what really sells the deal to employers is that you actually know how to apply these skills of yours in creating an app.

So, use your skills to develop and iOS app, and then, put it up on the Apple Store too. Sure, that might not be particularly necessary, especially if the company you’re scouting mainly develops apps for internal distribution. But mostly, a lot of iOS apps wind up, in finale, on Apple App Store. And besides, it will be good for you to know how to upload an app to the store and what all set up that entails. And if your app is downloaded and/or bought, then that’s all the better for you as well!

After all, don’t forget that what originally put app development on the map as a marketable and employable skill is actually solo entrepreneurs who made their own apps and gained recognition for it. And even if your uploaded app doesn’t reach those standards of fame, your skill-set will be much more admirable because you made a workable iOS app.



Career Opportunities in Mobile App Development

Career Opportunities in Mobile App Development in India

Career Opportunities in Mobile App Development

There is no field today that has not been revolutionized by mobile apps. Whether it is education, entertainment, healthcare, social media, real estate or e-retailing, there are thousands of mobile apps available for each sector. Even routine activities like ordering food, hiring a taxi, handling money and taking notes depend on Apps now. The popularity of these apps serves to highlight the increasing demand for mobile app developers in various sectors. Mobile App Development is one of the most lucrative and challenging IT career paths of today and it is poised to grow even more in the upcoming years.

Most businesses realize the importance of reaching out to their target clientele through the Smart phone. This is because the customer is constantly available on this platform as opposed to the computer which is used only during particular time duration. With recent research confirming that most people spend around 72 minutes per day on mobile applications, it is without doubt the most effective marketing tool available today.

Latest Trends in Mobile App Development

With more and more competitors entering the field and the demand for Apps growing exponentially, the need of the hour is rapid development. Since technology that helps app developers increase their rate of productivity is constantly being researched and developed, anyone interested in App Development as a career choice must constantly update his knowledge. Most clients will want their app launched as soon as possible therefore Rapid Mobile Development is something prospective app developers must be prepared to explore.

With more and more people gaining the confidence to use their Smartphones to pay the bills and buy various materials, M-Banking is another highly flourishing field in the world of App Development. Apple Pay and Google Wallet will only increase this trend in the future. Understanding the nuances and needs of Mobile App Development for banking purposes will surely help the potential App Developer greatly.

Yet another extremely popular area for App Development is the world of gaming. With multi-player games entering the market, social media has permeated the fictional world of gaming as well. App Developers are now working on creating an augmented reality which will completely change the way we touch, think and feel. These fields are exciting new avenues for future app developers to venture into.

Job Opportunities

Since apps are being developed by businesses belonging to every category, Mobile App Development is the most sought after market in the job market currently and it is the same worldwide. Skilled developers are in great demand everywhere and it has been revealed in recent research surveys that most HR officials prefer candidates who have training in Mobile App Development. Candidates who have undergone some training in this field also stand to gain better positions than their counterparts. Cross platform development expertise is also a highly preferred skill as most businesses are planning to shift to free arenas.

Companies like Volga, Karma, New Gen Apps, Loon Games and Ginger Domain are some examples of Mobile Developer Companies in and around Mumbai who are always on the lookout for fresh talent.

Skills and Responsibilities 

As apps are developed on four major platforms namely iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry, the developer must have good knowledge in building cross platform applications. Another popular avenue for app developers is the need for wearable technology. Since the fashion industry and e-marketing industry is looking forward to change the way style appears to consumers, this is an imminent niche category in the field of app development. Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, App Analysis, Growth of Enterprise Apps, HTML 5 and App security are touted to be the next big things in App Development so prospective candidates will need to be equipped with sufficient knowledge and expertise in these fields.

App developers are also required to focus on User Experience. Until recently, the number of times the app has been downloaded was the driving factor for the developer. App marketing has now started focusing on the experience and relationship the consumer has with the app and their satisfaction levels after using it. App Store Optimization is therefore a very important skill for aspiring developers of today.


App Developers usually undergo a Mobile Application Development Certification Course in order to gain knowledge about the characteristics of different platforms and how to develop Apps that suit different platforms. While a certification is important to acquire a good job, it is the developer’s ability to showcase his talent and bring out new ideas that will ensure success. Since app development is a creative and constructive job, it is important for the app developers to constantly update himself about the latest development tools and think of original and dynamic ideas.


A talented app developer with proper certification stands to earn approximately 12 lakhs per annum. Fresh talent is generally offered about 4 lakhs per annum with the scope of increasing radically over time. Higher salary can be expected after gaining experience in the field and proving the developer’s talent in building and conceptualizing innovative ideas and concepts. Since companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco and SAP always welcome new candidates there is no dearth in opportunities in the field of app development. 

Training Centres

IBitions Institute, Net tech India, Impetus Consultrainers and Aptech Computer Education are just some of the institutions that offer certified training in App Development. The candidate’s interests play a role in selecting a course that suits him as certain institutes offer exclusive courses for different platforms. However, the candidate stands to gain greatly by obtaining training n all four major platforms as cross platform app development is a very lucrative career to pursue.

Prospective app developers have a world brimming with opportunities waiting for them. With talent and a Mobile App Development certification, he or she can embark on an amazing career that is full of interesting challenges, futuristic developments and exciting creative opportunities.


Career in Windows Phone Development in india

For Those Aiming for a Career in Windows Phone Development

 Career in Windows Phone Development in india

Mobile apps are currently rocking the technology sector all over the world, and trends seem to indicate that this will be the case for a good long while into the future as well. After all, with the versatile smartphones of today, you can check emails, pay bills, shop online and mark your purchases for delivery, browse for a nearby cafe to have lunch in, sign up for a free webinar, find and use e-coupons for a great discount on dinner (which you then reserve for home delivery at a particular time much later in the day), check out what’s happening in your social media accounts, message a friend, invite two more for dinner at the weekend, send birthday wishes, review your appointments, make calls, listen to music, catch up on reading an eBook, set up a meeting, type in a reminder, click photographs, and download a few funny videos to de-stress – and all that while you’re commuting on the bus (Phew!).

Now, in sight of the above illustration (though many of us do it without even thinking sometimes), it can seem very obvious why phone app development is the “on trend” job to have. But do note that, given its versatile uses, it is even more important that you learn your skills well. For nothing will help you in the field of mobile app development except your skills and your product.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

The Need for Windows Phone and App Developers

The diverse use that we make of our smartphones is possible only due to phone apps. For, although we’re used to doing such things on a desktop computer or laptop, the fact is the compact phone is much easier to carry about. But by contrast, it’s also trickier to fit the apps in here: Mobile phone apps need to be lighter on the phone memory than they are on laptops. And, on that trend, Android and iOS (Apple) apps have made a pretty awesome reputation for themselves when it comes to phone apps. And recently – as a relatively new entry – Windows has joined this field as well.

Now, the great part about a career in Windows phone app development is precisely the fact that it hasn’t been around as long as Android or Apple in the mobile phone app industry: Basically, your advantage is in the novelty of this branch and relative lack of competition. For, while you might find yourself standing far behind in a queue for iOS and Adroid mobile app development jobs, relatively, the competitive queue lining up for jobs in Windows phone app development is shorter.

So, now that we’ve established that veering away from the more popular choices doesn’t have to be a bad thing for your career prospects (indeed, history often hints at it being the best kind of choices, at times), let’s get down to what skill and know-how you’ll need to develop to be uniquely qualified for Windows phone and Windows phone app development:

C# and XAML

As far as the coding is concerned, if you want to get into Windows phone development, then learning C# and XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) is the first thing you need to do. And, of course, along with learning how to code in these languages, you will also need to learn how to structure, design, test, and debug the code. Microsoft Visual Studio and Blend is what is often used to support the designing and debugging aspects of Windows phone apps.

Metro / Microsoft’s Modern UI

The User Interface or UI of Windows phone apps are developed based on the Microsoft’s Modern UI (also known as Metro initially), which follows an uncluttered design scheme and UI. Also note that the Windows phones in themselves are based on the uncluttered design principle. Plus, a minimum of typing usability is kept in mind for Windows phone development.

Do note though, that everything from controls to text is created using XAML. (See the importance of picking this up? It’s everywhere!)

XAML Designer

Since XAML is such a core part of Windows phone app development, it should come as no surprise that Microsoft’s Visual Studio comes with the XAML Designer. XAML Designer allows you to view both the XAML code window as well as the Design Window that you’re working on. XAML Designer’s Design View shows the rendered result of your XAML code. While working on the design view, you can add, remove, draw and modify elements that you want to include in the app, and the corresponding XAML code will be created in the XAML view. Alternately, you can make changes to the code in the XAML view and have those changes rendered in sync on the Design view of the XAML Designer.


Windows Runtime and Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS) are two APIs that you should definitely dive in and learn if you plan to make a career out of Windows phone app development. Windows Runtime includes the C#, C++, Visual Basic, and JavaScript APIs, which basically provides access to all the core platform features you’ll need. And WinJS includes JavaScript APIs for CSS, controls, and helper functions that will help you write the required object oriented code for the Windows phone apps.

For Team Work, Try Team Foundation Service (TFS)

Now, Windows phone development is going to be a team effort. And you’re going to have a lot of elements to handle even on your own. That’s where Microsoft’s Team Foundation Service (TFS) comes in. TFS is what manages various requirements in your Windows development project, such as reporting, code management, lap management, requirements management, analytics, version control, automated builds, testing, and many more such requirements.

App Publishing on the Windows Store

Now, this is the easiest part of the process, in a sense (though that is not taking into consideration the marketing aspects of publishing the app; but that’s not what we’re covering here). However, don’t sell this step short. It’s what makes all that effort worth it. And it will be good to learn the set up involved in publishing a Windows app to the Windows Store.


career in android development in india

Why a Career in Android Development is the Next Big Thing

career in android development in india

You’ve already heard about the Android platform and Android apps on Google Play Store, we’ll wager. In fact, chances are that you’re probably using an Android device right now and are also running an Android app on your device without even thinking about it. It’s sort of a given in India. For, although iOS users are aplenty in the country, the considerably vast majority comprises of Android users.

That being stated, it seems pretty obvious that, consequently, a career in Android development could quite well be the next big thing in the technology job market in India. And all you have to do to enter that job market is to equip yourself with the required skills. But, before we bet to what skills you need and how you can get them, let’s elaborate a little more about the scope of a career in Android development and where all you can find such jobs.

Scope for a Career in Android Development:

Like it was already stated above, the current numbers of Android users in India is steadily increasing and has already surpassed the number of Apple platform users in the country. Hence, there is a huge amount of potential in the current IT sector for jobs relating to the Android applications platform.

For one thing, Android apps for mobile devices are skyrocketing in number. And yet, there is always the need for more such apps. For, it’s not only that Android mobile apps include both free and paid apps that help you in your day to day activities (like tracking your diet or your schedule, for example – among many, many other functions). Rather, in addition to this, practically every website and company (or business or organization) out there needs an Android mobile app of their own, in order to be accessible to the vast number of potential customers who use Android based smartphones more than any other new media device. So of course, in just the Android mobile app development sector, there are already a huge number of Android development job opportunities there for the taking.

Right on the heels of the above job opportunity in Android development is another: Support for Android apps. After all, as technology hastens its way to AI and further and further progress, old apps have to be updated and debugged as well to keep up. Else, they’ll all become obsolete far sooner than you could possibly imagine. Plus, let’s not forget that, however much an app is beta-ed, there will most likely always be some minor bug or the other that escapes through the cracks.

Hence, when these bugs become more apparent once Android users download and start using this app, there has to be a technical support team (or person even, perhaps) to sort out these bugs as and when they become apparent, or even to guide a user into adjusting the app for optimal use themselves. Plus, as apps are updated, more features are added to the Android app too. And this too, will require the expertise of technical support.

Yet another category of jobs that you can additionally consider if you’re planning to enter the Android development job market is one in Android hardware solutions. For instance, you could go for jobs that require Android customization or Android optimization, or even a job related to Android platform-based device drivers (among other, similar options).

The “Money” Aspect of Getting a Job in Android Development:

Whatever field of career we go to, one primary factor anyone will consider is the salary or money one can expect to make in the field. So, here’s what a career in Android development will get you: Salaries start from Rs. 15,000 a month and range up to Rs. 18,000 a month, depending on the candidate’s experience, expertise, and position sought for. And, considering the growth of Android development job opportunities in the country, you can be sure that the remuneration is only set to rise even higher as time goes by.

All you’ll have to do to secure yourself is make sure you have the requisite skills for the job and never stop updating yourself regarding the changing technologies of your field.

The Skills Required for a Career in Android Development and How to Obtain Those Skills: 

Knowing Java is a must if you want to go for a career in Android development, as most Android apps are written primarily in Java. However, knowing Java alone isn’t enough.

To be adept and skilled enough to get a job as an Android professional, you not only need to learn Java, but you also need to learn HTML and other programming languages along with a number of general technical skills. Basically, drown yourself in object oriented programming and all the related languages that you can learn and fill your head with. Also, work to get a keen understanding about user interface (UI) as well. And just these two aspects (that is, learning about object oriented programming and UI) will give you marked advantage over others competing with you in this field.

The basic idea behind gaining these above-mentioned skills is that adept Android developers should be able to juggle and switch between programming languages easily as well as understand the necessity of and how to create a good UI. Generally, Android developers will have to learn and manage a new syntax when it comes to programming code. So understanding the workings of various object oriented program code is necessary.

As for how one might gain these skills, the simplest method would be to join a training institute for Android programming. Online training institutes and online training courses for Android development will work well too. But if you’re someone who needs a hands-on experience to learn, joining a regular training institute would work best. Thinking innovatively and being adaptable to different kinds of syntax is essential in this field too. And that’s something a training institute will help you with as well.

The opportunities in this field are vast and (currently) still growing, while there is a huge dearth of proficient professionals. So all you really need is the right skill-set and passion to find a great career in Android development.