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Lucrative Social Media (SMO) Jobs in Bangalore – Updated on 30th October 2015

Social Media Optimization (SMO) refers to the manipulation of social media content. Such content is then posted as updates on the respective social media account(s). The idea behind this is to make the updates engaging enough so that they will be shared by users and, in turn, influence traffic towards those social media pages and the related websites. Brand awareness and reach is the core responsibility of social media marketing jobs. The main difference between social media optimization (and Read more [...]

Protected: Next steps after completing all the course modules ?

What are the next steps after completing all the course modules ? How do I get the post-course support from Learning Catalyst ? We have made a mark in the market today because of our commitment towards helping students after the course is over. In fact, we have a sister company called Web-Stepup which is a recruitment platform for web skills ( This company is always looking for good talent which can be placed on a full time or part time basis. So after you are done with Read more [...]

Career paths and Scope in online marketing in Today’s World

There was once a time when the only thing the majority of the population used the Internet for was emails. Now though, the situation is drastically different: Millions of users use the Internet as a common tool in their daily lives, social media is practically an informal method of having an identity, there are virtual reality video games that exist basically to allow you to create your own identity and live a fantasy life online, the usage of the World Wide Web has be Some so commonplace Read more [...]
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Get a Jump-Start on Web/Google AnalyticsJobs in Bangalore – Updated on 17th October 2015

Web Analytics jobs, which are also referred to as Google Analytics and Digital Analytics/Analyst jobs, concerns analysing digital data using web analytics tools. This is so the respective insights and effectiveness of various digital marketing strategies are brought to light and can then be manipulated for better effectiveness. (Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used web analysis tools in this job.) There is a wonderful range of digital web analytics jobs in Bangalore, as well as Read more [...]

Guidebook to the Top 5 digital marketing courses in New Mumbai and Vashi

What is the buzz word in the job sector these days? Undoubtedly, it is digital marketing that is showcasing a very promising prospect and attracting freshers and professionals from all academic backgrounds in large numbers. It is a fact that traditional marketing is slowly moving into oblivion and the action is shifting to the digital space. Internet and social media is everywhere and more and more organizations are opting for setting up online stores to put their products on display. This Read more [...]