Digital Marketing Jobs for MBA Freshers in Mumbai

  Marketing is to business what oxygen is to body. No business, whether large or small, can expect to survive without proper marketing. It brings your work into the public view, informs customers (actual as well as potential) about your products/services and keeps them connected with your company. An essential part of every business undertaking, marketing has been in practice since ages and will continue to exist, as long as businesses exist. The only difference that you will see is Read more [...]

Digital Marketing Jobs for MBA Freshers in Hyderabad

  There is a humorous image on the internet that has modified Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, where the most basic needs of food, water, shelter, and security have been usurped by the “basic needs” of “Battery” and “Wi-Fi” instead. It was, of course, created to incite a giggle or a smile. But it also indicates how much we depend on the Internet and World Wide Web in that we could all relate to that image so easily. For most today would certainly feel utterly lost without a Read more [...]

 The Ins and Outs of Digital Marketing Career Options- Updated on 23rd January 2016

With more and more companies entering the digital arena and e-commerce gaining stronghold in the Indian economy, a world of career opportunities has opened up for the youth. If one is tech-savvy or possesses a degree in computer science or computer applications, one can easily look forward to making a fruitful career in this sector. One can be a web designer, app developer, SEO specialist and much more. But the most exciting and dynamic opportunities lie in digital marketing. Digital marketing Read more [...]

The Connection between the Abilities of the Digital Marketer and Digital Marketing Job Salaries

With the World Wide Web now in pretty easy access of fingertips, the virtual world has cropped up with a variety of internet jobs. For, with the many online virtual worlds in online gaming, the way we spend half or most of our day checking our email on our smart phones and the notifications to our social media account, and the way we google everything we want to know of, our lives more or less have a strong cyber foothold in today's era. And from that firm foothold in the Internet platform, Read more [...]