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How To Build A Successful Affiliate Business Program From Scratch ?


What is Affiliate Business Program ?

Affiliate business program is a form of performance based marketing technique used by businesses to reward customers or visitors who act as affiliates and get more customers by their own marketing initiatives. It is a revenue sharing program within which an affiliate places banner ads on his site and gets a fee when a customer clicks on these ads.

Affiliate business program has close resemblance with other popular internet marketing techniques. A successful affiliate program also uses organic search engine optimization techniques, content marketing, email marketing, premium search engine marketing services like Pay per Click, Display Ads etc. An automated affiliate business program allows a web advertiser to place banner ads or links of the merchant on their website. These web advertisers get an affiliate fee from sales generated from the affiliate ads placed on their website. These affiliates are paid per click, per lead or per sale basis.


How to build a successful affiliate business program from scratch?

Strong product portfolio : You must ensure that you have a strong product portfolio that manages to attract potential customers through affiliate partners. You must work towards developing your product portfolio before you get into designing your affiliate business program strategy.

Good website : You must use industry’s best practices to ensure that your website is indexed well and has content that is relevant for the users. Your website should make sense to your affiliates only then they will be interested in lending valuable web space your ads.

Comprehensive agreement : Draft a comprehensive agreement that will govern activities of affiliate partners. An affiliate agreement should clearly define best practices, roles and responsibilities, payment terms, contract cancellation terms etc.  This would not only enable you to manage your affiliates well but also save you from technical and legal hassles involved in execution of the program. It is important for you keep adding to your list of affiliates instead of banking on a select few.

Affiliate partners : Screen the applicants to avoid poor performing, trouble-making and potentially embarrassing affiliate partners. Pay attention to the websites or storefronts of the affiliates and also discuss about where they are going to place your ads.

Compelling ads : Empower your affiliate partners by equipping them with creative promotional material. This would help them in focusing on conversions instead of creating marketing collaterals to drive traffic on the site.

Take care of your Affiliate partners : Maintain a steady and timely flow of commissions to the affiliates. Help them with tips to be successful in converting leads for your product portfolio. Amazon Affiliate marketing program is known to offer a steady flow of income to affiliates who sell products listed on Amazon for a commission. They attract potential customers by using effective content marketing strategies that include informational articles and true product reviews. This model is quite an ideal one and covers most of the points described above.

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It’s time you start working on your affiliate program to get recognition from the market and contribute towards positive cashflows. Affiliate marketing courses by Learning Catalyst can help you design the most optimum affiliate program for your business. It is worth the effort and is sure to pay off in the long run.


6 Steps To Do Social Media Optimization For Beginners.

How to do Social Media Optimization in 6 steps 

Social Media Optimization has been described in many different ways over the years. As social media and search technologies evolved, so have the techniques to optimize them.

In 2007, Wikipedia described Social Media Optimization (SMO) as a set of methods to generate publicity through social media and online communities. If you would’ve explored How to do Social Media Optimization in 2007, you would’ve been directed to techniques such as using social bookmarking, sharing photos, videos and interesting apps – things to aid viral marketing in online space.

Now, in 2015, Social Media Optimization refers to optimizing a website and its content in terms of sharing across social media and networking sites. Social media optimization is growing in importance for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as search engines are increasingly using the recommendations of social network users such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook to rank pages in the search engine result pages.

Given the fact that many search engines including Google and Bing are incorporating social actions into their search results, it is imperative to socialize your website and your content. So How to go about with Social Media Optimization? Here is our step-by-step Social Media Optimization Tutorial.

1 – Find the Right network for you:

Focus on Social Media Platforms communities and groups where you are most likely to find your target audience.Google Plus, in this case, gives good results. Signup for Google +, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

2 – Optimize your Social Media Profiles :

Use the same Username / Avatar across all your social media channels so people will recognise you and  be able to recognize and communicate with you easily. – Treat your social media profiles the same way as your website. Profile should have  information about your product / services in an interesting way using keywords for your areas of expertise. Follow specific optimization techniques in individual guides for Google +, Twitter, Pinterest.

3 – Content is King:

Original content along with curated third party content makes a perfect recipe. See Creation vs Curation to decide the fine balance between the two.

4 – Proceed with Active Engagement Activities to acquire Likes, Shares, Plus Ones, Comments & Mentions.

 5 – Enable and encourage interaction with your Website / Blog Content:

Share buttons – make it easy for you target audience to share by adding share buttons to your content.  To demonstrate social proof, show the numbers of shares
Social login – use social login options to make it easy for users to comment
Use Call to action – Encourage people to share or add comments. For eg. If you find this article useful please share it. In case you think I may have missed anything, do add your comments

6 – Cross posting on Social Media Platforms:

Make your content pinnable. As soon as you publish your post, pin it to Pinterest. Share the Pinterest link on Google +, Facebook and Twitter.
Cross posting on Google + and Pinterest really works well. See How Google+ and Pinterest go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

What Social Media Optimization is NOT: Excessive Link Dropping:

It is a misconception to think that one of the best ways to optimize your content is to join every Google Plus community to share links to your content to get shares or comments.

If people do not interact with your posts and links by sharing, commenting or liking, then it clearly indicates that your content does not offer any “valuesaddition” to your audience.

If such posts continue, they would much rather be a waste as it won’t serve the purpose of engagement with your target audience.

Instead, you could shift focus to specific communities and engaging with a relevant audience and authoritative experts.

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