Digital Marketing Ideas for Marketer’s Online Strategy

Digital marketing ideas for marketers online strategy

We are now spending most of our time on digital platforms with smart phones, laptop and personal computers. Recently introduced Google glass and smart watch, are moreover calling out marketer’s to implement digital marketing ideas. Marketers are keeping pace and spending more than 30 % of their ad budget on digital marketing.
If consumers don’t remember the brand name, business is drastically less. Around three billion people use online media and moreover, this platform is more affordable than traditional advertising media. Some workable digital marketing ideas for trending marketers are:

– Provide relevant and engaging content on owned and earned media

– Have a visual centric homepage for your website – this decrease bounce rates, and boost online conversions.

– Another great digital marketing idea for optimization of search engine is to consider strong link building for your site(s). Higher recommended sites and quality information earned more links than their less useful, lower quality peers.

– Maintain the URL of a web document to ideally be as descriptive and brief as possible. This makes it easy for users to recall and type the shorter URL.
– Make use of web analytics tool Google Analytics or free survey tool like Q4 or Survey Monkey for analysis of user’s behavior on your website, will benefit marketers on budgeting for SEM.

– Use the power of long tail keywords for a profitable SEM. Long tail keywords tend to be more relevant to the user, so you generally get high click-through rates as well as higher conversion rates. This is a great digital marketing idea to follow for paid search to maximize quality audience.

– Maintain a nicely styled yet simple and engaging social media page, so as to create interest amongst visitors.


– For smaller companies, invest money primarily on content marketing for maximum effectiveness in awareness and retention. As Jeremy Chandler says, content marketing shows people your human side.

– Make use of online video, it is the most powerful marketing tools. It can be easily shared across majority online platforms including social media sites.

– A great idea to drive more traffic to your website is to use rich snippets. It can be reviews, video or image to increase click through rates.

– For an effective mobile digital marketing, the idea is to introduce a strong need of a mobile app for the business.

– Content and convenience are two demands that users expect from a mobile app. Hence, developing an app that meet this requirement is a good idea for a successful digital marketing strategy.


Marketers today, have to give what consumers want – quality information to their requirement, user friendly site(s), engaging social media content and relevant mobile apps to suit their convenience. Digital marketing strategy ideas must always adapt to be in front of their target audience