Certified Institute : An Essential For Digital Marketing

CERTIFIED INSTITUTES: An Essential For Digital Maketing










The world is scrambling in to get in line with digital marketing concepts – in an attempt to reach out and retain customers. The innovation of social networking websites managed to engage more and more people online. In society where communication is constantly propelled by the newest and best social networking website, training in-depth is required for marketers to face this digital space. To understand the current digital landscape, you need to consider well recognized and certified institutes that offer digital marketing course. Outlined below are well known certified institutes:

  1. Hubspot Inbound marketing certificate is a well recognized certificate that inform companies that skilled marketers understand the most effective methods to drive traffic and convert potential leads to customers.
  2. Market Motive offers Online Marketing Certified Professionals (OMCP) to successful candidates. OMCP is a professional certification that recognizes the candidate from digital industry’s best known institutions.
  3. A candidate certified with Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)  – will hold one of the highly respected certification in digital marketing.
  4. Digital Academy in India, offer professional diploma courses in digital marketing subjects either powered by Digital Media Institute (DMI), Ireland or Internet Marketing Association (IMA), USA .
  5. Another institute, NIIT has digital marketing courses certified by DMI, Ireland.
  6. Untitled 1 Edukart offers a six month online course certified by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).
  7. Webnext Solutions founded in 2011, has digital courses certified from Google, Yahoo, NIIT Imperia and Microsoft .
  8.  Learning Catalyst also offers certified digital marketing courses, although we believe our USP is our managed freelancing platform called Web-Stepup – here we offer candidates the opportunity to assess their skills and get on to live projects on achieving the requisite ‘web quotient’

At the end of the day, marketing is about engaging and retaining the target market, providing valuable content, and thinking outside the box. For a course on insights of digital marketing, check out recognized institutes in digital marketing. Their courses offer valuable guidance in assignments and real projects that will show you the role digital marketing plays in the economic system. This will teach you how to develop a marketing strategy for a specific customer or organization.

As digital marketing becomes more complex in terms of the options of technology and online media channels, the complexity of campaigns (including advertisements) and integrated digital marketing approaches, so the greater need for digital marketing training with certified institutes.If you are interested in enrolling with a certified digital marketing institute, then consider selecting a course suitable for your organization and your requirements.


 Choosing a course in digital marketing

It is important to choose a training course that suits your goals and strategies. The right internet marketing training course could help you create an income stream – affiliate marketing. It will show you ample ways to advertise online. If you are interested in a career in marketing or advertising, then a course in SEM, Social Media and Mobile Marketing could add to your advantage. The demand for marketers with knowledge and training in various digital marketing courses, are increasing at a fast rate. Certified institutes offering a course in Social Media will train you to set up social media profiles and how to use them in your marketing strategies. You will understand the foundations of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest and how to use these platforms to support your marketing campaigns.

We learn through experience, through making mistakes, and trying out ideas – not by being told. As digital marketing landscape continues to change at a rapid pace, a marketer is required to be updated in his/her digital skills.

Weekend Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Weekend Crash Course in Digital Marketing

Untitled1.5 Billion Users on Facebook. 2 Billion Tweets a week. 2 new users join LinkedIn every second.150 million active users on Instagram. Online media is getting ever more integrated into our daily life and marketing practices have dramatically made a shift towards this media. To bridge this online marketing knowledge, key institutes are introducing weekend crash courses in digital marketing for aspirants. Learn new skills without dropping commitment to your job or family.

Digital marketing is the only career today; with a larger demand graph than supply. Prospective customers are trying to communicate through online media – the weekend courses will give you a holistic view of digital marketing and knowledge of key concepts, to listen and respond in a personalized manner. Marketers need to be prepared to face new challenges in this shifting environment. With changing trends in digital marketing and emergence of new channels, marketers should be aware of the digital lingos and get ample practical experience to learn this subject.

Oxford College of Marketing offers a wide range of short courses that can be enrolled for online learning as well, Digital Marketing Institute have various certification courses that can be completed in 5 to 12 classes depending on requirement. Web Marketing Academy also provides crash course in digital marketing with an overview of all key concepts, case studies and projects, also an ability to learn from an international as well as local perspective. Learning Catalyst similarly offers ‘2 days a week’ weekend crash course on many programs – SEM , SEO, Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing or Social media marketing. Moreover, providing access to online study materials – video tutorials, learning materials, discussions, along with a platform for placement support. At the end of the course, you will be able to carve out an internet niche for your company.
Whether your focus is on data analysis, technical or creative outlook, these weekend crash courses offer a list of digital marketing subjects to suit your career. It is designed to provide candidates with comprehensive knowledge across search engine marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, mobile marketing, and social media aimed at leveraging the Internet, to achieve a successful market strategy for business.Untitled1








Weekend crash course provides you with flexibility of studying in completion, within stipulated time. Before enrollment, do your homework – compare institutes (reading reviews, leverage on social media platforms) and analyze respective course outline. It’s also important to see how active the university or the instructors are on digital platforms. By gaining knowledge of the latest trends in digital marketing, you can improve your organization’s marketing strategy and become an invaluable asset to them.


Product Manager at Akosha | Job in Delhi | Learning Catalyst Blog

The role

For Product Manager at Ashoka, you will be responsible for the product planning and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including: gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, defining the product vision, and working closely with engineering, sales, marketing and support to ensure revenue and customer satisfaction goals are met. Your job will also include ensuring that the product supports the company’s overall strategy and goals.


  •     Manage entire product lifecycle from strategic planning to tactical activities
  •     Develop Product Requirements Documents for each product line
  •     Conduct market research, surveys, and customer/prospect visits to understand and specify business requirements to target market segments.
  •     Analyze competitive offering to identify diffentiators, and set pricing
  •     Complete Win/Loss analysis to glean insight from previous sales experience
  •     Document & report on product profitability and operational product metrics
  •     Define user personas/use cases to gain understanding from each perspective
  •     Create Business cases for new product developments to achieve sponsorships
  •     Work with development, sales, and customer services to convert market requirements into products that meet standards of current prospective clients
  •     Help Marketing Division to create collateral that accurately reflects the features & benefits of the product line
  •     Develop and implement go-to-market strategy with all corporate departments.

Required skills

– 3+ years of internet product management experience, preferably consumer and user experience focused.

– Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Engineers are preferred.

– A/B testing experience required

– Strong problem solving, analytic, and decision making skills. Able to interpret data and trends, diagnose problems, and formulate effective actions plans to resolve issues

– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

– High attention to detail and the ability to effectively manage multiple projects at a time. Successfully able to meet deadlines

– Self-motivated worker with entrepreneurial passion. Proven creative problem solving and innovative mindset

– A desire to work in a fast-paced, results-driven environment with varied responsibilities

– Teamwork skills essential; sense of humor preferred

In addition, the ideal candidate will demonstrate the following competencies:

– Grasps the essence of new information; recognizes own strengths and weaknesses; pursues self-development; seeks feedback

– Treats colleagues and partners with respect: considers and responds appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people

– Is driven to get things done; loves to Ship; exhibits tenacity and drive in solving complex problems; finds resources and makes them available when needed

– Strong analytical skills: understands and utilizes metrics relevant to role

– Flexible and open to change and new information; is first to understand when team behaviors and work methods need to adapt to new information.

– Exhibits integrity through fair and ethical behavior toward others and a demonstrated sense of corporate responsibility and commitment

– Ensure that projects within areas of specific responsibility are completed in an appropriate and timely manner and acknowledges mistakes, learns from those events and is able to move forward productively

– Identify and analyzes problem; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevant information; prioritize independently

-Ability to balance time to market with a solution and make the right trade-offs along the way

-Clear communication through expression of facts and ideas in a clear, convincing and organized manner

– Good business judgment when making decisions and always considers the relevance/impact of each decision on the business

About Akosha

We are India’s fastest growing consumer platform and work towards resolving consumer complaints using technology and innovation. We are a 120+ people strong company and work with 350+ brands across India. We also recently announced a $5.2 million funding by Sequoia Capital and registered a growth of 1200% last year.


Product Manager at Commonfloor | Job in Bangalore | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Summary:

  •     ­ Own the Product Management life cycle from product flow to wire frame, to rapid prototype,through all testing phases (alpha,  beta) to the success of the final version.
  •     ­ Define product requirements and overall go to market strategy ­ Product strategy and road map.
  •     ­ Define market requirements for current and future products by conducting market research supported by on­going interaction with internal and external stakeholders
  •     ­ Effectively play the anchor role to drive the process from idea to reality; communicate project status,resolve issues, and ensure deadlines are met with high quality product outcome
  •     ­ Work closely with executive, marketing and development teams to plan and execute product releases
  •     ­ Managing the release process and participate in development, quality assurance and the maintenance process of the product
  •     ­ Work with customers, thought leaders, and subject matter experts to identify market problems,translate them into documented requirements for the broader development and develop high­value solutions to market.

Job location:  Job in Bangalore



Senior Instructional Design at Simplilearn | Job in Bangalore | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description:

Design and develop instructional material for training courses that support technical training.
Demonstrate and utilize effective needs analysis, project management, course development, and evaluation skills.
Must have the ability to develop entry and advanced level courses for both internal and external audience.

Desired Candidate Profile: Job in Bangalore.

Professional basics

  •     Good in visual, oral and written form of communication.
  •     6-10 years of experience.
  •    Location – Job in Bangslore
  •     Ability to update and improve knowledge, skills, attitudes on a regular basis in the related field.
  •     Experience in Technical Writing, Teaching/Training, performance measuring, multimedia, curriculum and course development.
  •     Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  •     Must have current experience in ALL of the areas listed below:
  •         Experience with WBTs, CBTs and ILTs.
  •         Instructional Technology experience.
  •         Hands-on experience in using rapid learning development tools like Articulate Storyline, Captivate etc.
  •     Creative problem solving ability.
  •     Ability to mentor junior team members to the expected level of competency while still executing assigned tasks.

Planning and Project analysis:

  •     Mastery over needs assessment/gap analysis.
  •     Ability to design a sound program or curriculum.
  •     Ability to balance functional and business needs and work according to dynamic business needs.

Design and Development

  •     Mastery over ADDIE and strong ability to modify or create a design and development model appropriate for a given project.
  •     Select and use a variety of techniques to define and sequence the instructional content and strategies.
  •     Proven ability in arriving at/implementing new instructional design models in a rapid learning development model.


lot to learn from SEO

5 reasons why SEO is important for Small and Mid Businesses

Small businesses have a lot to learn from SEO and it is not an exaggeration that businesses not practicing SEO don’t fare well. But SEO is that jump on the bandwagon where you can optimize your business to a larger audience.
Doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a mid-sized business you should make sure you have proper visibility on all channels be it search engine or social media. In short Search Engine Optimization helps a business get better visibility on all platforms and is the first step for brand awareness.

Now-a-days almost 80-90% people rely more on the internet search before going out in the market and getting what they want and number is expected to just increase. An in dept research of their interest is properly analyzed before they actually replace it with their product. This is impossible without having web presence and thus allowing your competitors taking away more business.

Continuing with the above point people unconsciously rely more on the search engine results. This can be considered as a blessing in disguise for your brand development. The more the presence of your website the more people know you and your Brand awareness increases.

Don’t get too comfortable your competitors are doing it. SEO is a never ending process. If your website is present and not moving up the rank you are not doing a good job. Your web page if properly ranked can increase traffic on your website which in turn helps a business. Don’t let your competitors out maneuver you by ignoring this simple tool

If 2 businesses are into the same niche markets with one having search engine optimized webpage and the other having a non optimized webpage, it isn’t difficult to guess which business would have more customer base and would gain more profits quickly from business. Such is the power of SEO.

A business that gets organic traffic is considered open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All you have to do is invest some quality time for your website to get it on top of the SERP and well your website is working for you even when you are closed.

Hence SEO stands greater importance in today’s market place if one is has to take their business on the digital platform.
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Why Digital Marketing Is A Wise Career Option

Today the recession- free career path is the Digital sector. Digital marketing has been encompassed among marketers as we are headed to a digitalized future. Marketing and digital marketing are becoming synonyms. With the way people prefer using the web, organizations are molding their market focus entirely to digital media.
Digital Marketing involves promoting products or services by using digital media to reach consumers in a timely and cost-effective manner.















The digital marketing career options are not only for people with technical skills, one with a creative mind has a lot to explore in this industry. Digital careers move across a range of sectors- from the professional services to the creative industries and other businesses. With a flair for working in a challenging environment, new graduates and job seekers must venture into this attractive career prospect. Some digital marketing career options include SEO analyst, Social Media Manager, Digital Account Managers, E-commerce managers , Affiliate marketing specialists, Email Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist and PPC (Pay Per Click) Manager.

Digital marketing career trend is also set to continue with increase in mobile use, as advertising platforms target smartphones and tablets too. The job role for each and every designation is quite different and demanding:
 A digital marketing career as a Seo Analyst will require some technical skills, so as to increase the website ranking and visibility on Google .
 As a Digital Account Manager, you’ll be in charge of checking smooth and successful running of a digital marketing strategy.
 Social Media Manager, PPC Manager, Affiliate Manager and E-commerce Manager will have to work on strategy plan and execution in respective fields.
 Job role of Content Manager Specialist is to help organizations attract and engage customers by creating relevant content.
 Lately Web Analytic Specialists are becoming a growing need, wherein he/she analyzes and enhances website traffic.
With advancement of technology, digital marketing is constantly evolving, hereby career options are also changing at an incredible pace. While other industries are struggling with a growth of 8%, digital marketing industry is at a staggering 30% growth rate and the scope for digital marketers in India will only get better in future.











This digital parlance requires spending and understanding majority time analyzing online market trends and executing a successful campaign. The salary and perks are not an issue for digital marketers, as long as they have sound knowledge or experience in this field. Taking up a digital marketing course right now will take you to a top level in coming years.

Social networks are enhancing their ad products and features – Twitter has is working on a “buy” button, and mobile banner ads are being designed to fit all screen size. According to a recent study, companies are unable to find the right digital marketing professionals.
Google’s 3rd largest market is India with around 82 million facebook users and approximately 52 million mobile subscribers have internet enabled on their mobile phones. At this juncture, digital marketing is being sought as a promising career for prospect graduates and job seekers. By considering this career option, digital marketers can prove their mettle through path-breaking online solutions.

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Marketing Certificate Courses for a Career Boom in India

With rising technology invasion, you need to take a leap on your career plan with digital marketing certificate courses – India has many eminent institutes to offer specialized online marketing programs.

2015 will differentiate the wolves from the sheep; the digital marketers who are learning how to implement SEO, SEM, SMM, Display Ads, Email marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing , etc, understand trending reports, and plan an online strategy to engage and drive users, are definitely going to pull the reins while others may lag behind. Digital marketing will override Traditional marketing as a communication lag in future India.











Digital marketing will override Traditional marketing as a communication lag in future India.


Social media push


This year during general elections in India, two major political parties – Congress and BJP, had resorted to online media for image building, and campaign awareness amongst tech savvy population. The motive was to attract young voters.


Here, we have about 160 million people active on social media and other online platforms. This puts India among the top three Internet countries in the world, after the US and China. We have more than 70 million Facebook users and 20 million Twitter account holders – these staggering figures are advantage to marketers and entrepreneurs in India, holding digital marketing certification. With online marketing changing the face of India’s democratic political dialogue, enthusiastic marketers and entrepreneurs must be well equipped with knowledge and practice of these digital certified courses.

With the evolution of consumer behavior, business models are also changing – attracting and engaging consumers will be a necessity for any online strategic plan.

Mobile – A hotbed of engagement
















India is one of the hottest markets to drive Smartphone apps. Smartphone sales in India have recorded a 250 % year – on – year growth, according to IDC. They also predict that app download is going to reach 180 billion by 2015. There is a huge scope for a dynamic career in mobile app with of course, a high pay for innovative ideas.  Digital marketing certificate courses include Mobile application development wherein your challenge lies in creating a successful digital experience amongst the mobile users. This knowledge will help round out a personalized digital strategy.

Digital Marketing Certificate Courses in India can also direct you to earn huge revenues through affiliate marketing. A blogger or website owner can earn revenue by referring visitors to others online services or websites. When the visitor makes a purchase on those online platforms, the blogger or website owner earns a commission. Some of the affiliate programs in India are Flipkart, Amazon, IndiaTimes shopping, Tradus, IndiaMart, and Ebay .

As companies emphasis on digital content; the new role of Chief Digital Officer is starting to emerge. Today’s CMO has to be mobile-first focused; molding his strategy to consumer’s lifestyles and how they define interaction with businesses. Social media strategy has to generate a story keeping customer as a part, and gauge their attention to business.

“Google will know that you are hungry for sushi before you do.”— Ben Kunz, Vice President at Media associates on the future of predictive analytics in a world ruled by wearable computers like Google Glass . Wearable technology as Google Glass or Smartwatch (iwatch to be launched soon) does not display paid ads at the moment, however at the same time Google has already been granted patent for “pay-per-gaze” advertising model.

Guneet Singh, Head of Consumer Marketing for Google India pointed out a recent study by Google and Zinnov which showed that more than half of home buyers are influenced by their online research, so it’s not a segment that can be ignored. This indicates that there is an evolution in an evolving digital career in coming time; marketers and entrepreneurs need to be aware and initiate by enrolling in digital marketing certificate course launched by repute institutes in India.

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