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Summary: is an Indian web & mobile company offering a digital commerce platform of marketplaces anchored around multiple consumer needs. Chosen by Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) in 2012 as India’s best multi-utility website, Sulekha integrates Local Search & Ecommerce services, enhanced by member blogs, answers, reviews and ratings in marketplaces like Property, Movies, Lifestyle, cars and a lot more.

Current Job Openings:

1. Product Team / Content Writer / Chennai-
The candidate should be able to write content on variety of subjects. Conduct online research, generate unique content for various websites and encourage community for their active participation | Know more
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The Catalyst Verdict:

Sulekha is among the earliest portals to make a mark in the local commerce space. It would be interesting to see how they compete with the likes of Justdial


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Web 18 is the Internet & Mobile arm of Network 18, India’s leading Media conglomerate. It has a variety of leading information & transactional services online. Web 18’s offerings include;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, &

Current Job Opening:

1. Programmer-
Assists in the design, coding, and testing of technical solutions | Know more

2. Associate Manager(Digital Products)-
Streamline daily work and Coordination both internally for the UMP YT Channel and the G+ Page. Work closely with the Google Teams. Work closely and interface with content partners on a film on film basis | Know more

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Recent Hot News:

Thomas and Srinivasan promoted as CEOs at Web 18 properties | Know more

Digital Makeover with Mobile Marketing and Advertising

With increase in mobile marketing and advertising, mobile is no longer considered an emerging channel. Along with social media, it’s become an essential part of every digital marketing and advertising strategy. People worldwide are mostly engaged to their mobile screens, which has generated mobile data traffic.















In 1940, the first mobile technology was only available in taxis, police cars, long- haul trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles. And in 1993, the first smartphone (with touchscreen) – IBM Simon was launched by IBM. Today, the power of computer is in the palm of your hand; and mobile network subscription with over seven billion people.

Mobile marketing and advertising can reach anybody and everybody, located anywhere, with advertisements reaching their mobile and gauging user attention. Although user’s attention is short, it is frequent – smart phone users check their phones at least 150 times in a day. Smart phones generate loads of data about their user which can be used to push mobile advertisements to a particular target market. Moreover, with the introduction of 4G, faster mobile speed is not a worry.

Mobile Real Time Bidding (RTB) is at the intersection of two of the fastest growing areas within digital advertising as a whole, programmatic buying and mobile advertising. It went mainstream in 2013 with the Twitter acquisition of MoPub, an early leader in mobile RTB technology.However,the explosion in mobile advertising and marketing was as predicted by Google in 2009 by acquisition of Admob for 750 Million Dollar.

In mobile advertisements, it’s the quality traffic that matters rather than just quantity. Henceforth, Cost Per Engagement (CPE) and Cost Per View (CPV) will become the main purchasing models while Cost Per Mille (CPM) will slowly be opted out. Mobile marketing will be more expensive with effective and engaging advertisements. As increasing numbers of users take to mobile devices, brands will adjust their spending budgets with larger allocation to mobile marketing and advertisements.

Users who previously browsed the web on their computers, are now performing 70% of this activity on their mobile phones or tablets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Vine, and others are drastically becoming  mobile first media and as a brand – being where your consumers are, should be an important step to building your business.

Since the user’s time spent on mobile advertisement is short, creative concept is to be implemented such as dynamic information (including weather or location), integrated mini-game activities, ads responsive to tilts or shakes, or other form of interactivity marketing strategy.
Ad formats in Mobile Advertising are normally standard banners, or expandable banners ( proposed for higher brand recall). Innovative rich media ads, Interstitial Ads, App lists Ads ( variety of apps in a list form) and Video ( Five- and 10-second mobile video spots widely accepted).

Types Of Mobile Marketing and Advertising Strategies

The strategy will depend on your industry or service, target audience, and budget.

App-based marketing:  This Mobile advertising involves mobile apps. There are more than 800000 apps,30 billion downloads and more than 2 billion smartphone users. Services like Google AdMob help create mobile ads within mobile apps.

In-game mobile marketing: This mobile marketing refers to mobile ads that appear within mobile games. These mobile ads can appear as banner pop-ups, full-page image or even video ads that appear between loading screens.

QR codes: QR codes are scanned by users, who are then taken to a specific webpage (to which the code is attached to).

Location-based marketing: Location-based mobile ads are ads that appear on mobile devices based upon user’s location relative to a specific area or business.















Mobile Search ads: Basic Google search ads built for mobile, also featuring add-on extensions like click-to-call or maps.

Mobile Image ads: Image-based ads designed to appear on mobile devices.

SMS: SMS marketing involves feeding a user’s mobile number and sending them text offers.

Mobile rich media advertisements have the ability to increase user’s level of engagement, while mobile search ads is a digital rage with click-to call – this generates genuine users calling for information, who are in consideration stage. This afterthought is why top and mid segment industries have started allocating a budget for mobile marketing and advertising strategy. With Google’s launch of mobile app ads on Search and Youtube, app developers and advertisers can target audience based on their online behavior.

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Google Pushes Mobile App Ads on YouTube and Search

Google has introduced a niche market plan for mobile app developers and advertisers – now, promoting your app is an easy 3 step flow on Search and Youtube. By launching this mobile advertising plan, Google has

Given mobile app ads a new media to target audience.


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Times Internet is the parent group for all internet businesses of the Times group. Of late, they have been in the news on account of their new dynamic CEO, 27 year old Satyam Gajwani. They have recently invested in many b2c kind of businesses like (said to be the fastest growing e-com company), Zipdial, Instamedia, Affle and Men’s XP & also launched

Current Jobs Opening:

1. Social Media Optimisation Specialist-
The desired candidate will design and execute social media strategy for branding and customer engagement across social platforms | Know more

2. SEO Specialist-
The desired candidate needs to have experience in website design and a possess strong SEO skillls | Know more

The Catalyst Verdict:

They are of course backed by the biggest media group in the country (Times group) but they are not exactly known for products which create a flutter). They are known to provide handsome salaries in the market.

Recent Hot News:

Times Internet’s reached 50 million views this year | Know more
Former marketing head of Times Internet launched this year | Know more
Times Internet brought Business Insider to India this year | Know more

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It was the first web portal in India. Started in 1996, its online news content is majorly consumed by NRI’s along with domestic audiences as well. Its community products include Rediffmail, Moneyviz, ishare and product share. Rediff’s products have not yetcreated the impact in the market. They are also into E-commerce with Rediff shopping & Books.


The Catalyst Verdict:

So let’s just say this – Rediff has not achieved it’s potential. They could have become the ‘Yahoo’ of India but they’re not there and they’ve been around for quite some time now.

Recent Hot News: adopted a tiled look this year | Know more


Manager- Digital Marketing at MSL Learning Systems Private Limited | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description:

Conceptualize, develop, implement and manage digital media presence to develop a robust online brand.
Critical accountabilities

1.Strategy and conceptualization Implement and manage the digital marketing strategies and tactical execution plans across all online, mobile and social media channels.Provide feedback/ insights gained from digital monitoring into product and other teams to help them evolve their strategies in a timely fashion. 
Monitor the competition and be aware of market changes and development.
Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing
Budget planning and execution 

2.Digital marketing campaign (SEM,SEO,SMM,ORM, affiliate marketing
Responsible for digital marketing campaigns which include Pay per click campaigns, banner, SMS, email, ad word management and other forms of digital campaigns as per suitability Leading SEM (Search Engine Marketing) function to ensure excellent ranking of the organization. Implement SEO and SEM strategies to drive incoming traffic & leads Online reputation management 

3. Customer engagement and retention Improving the usability, design, content and conversion of the company website
Organize events as part of promotion, workshop, seminar etc.