The Catalyst Verdict on Top New Media Employers | Accenture

Company Name : Accenture
Company Type : KPO
Strength : 200
Location : Mumbai


Summary-                                                                                                                                       Accenture is known for IT services in India but not many know that it has a strong new media employee base.

The Mumbai office manages a lot of the P & G global digital outsourcing for the web. In the last 1 year, SEO Audit & Project Manager profiles have been the most largely recruited profiles. Project Managers would typically be the interface between the client and various vendors. Vendors would range from website content providers to web marketing vendors.

Current job openings
 Assistant Manager for Digital Marketing (Mumbai) – The candidate would be responsible for setting up email campaigns & do analysis of insights and best practices in Digital Marketing.
 Digital marketing executives (Mumbai) – The candidate would be responsible for sharing content on facebook, twitter & various other social media platforms.
 Email Marketing – The candidate should know the best practices in Email Marketing and should be good with communications skills.

If you want to learn process driven web marketing, then a Project Manager or working in
such profiles makes a lot of sense.

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Social Media Career Path

Why choose Social Media as a career option?Social media management surely has proved to be an effective tool for the companies to establish incredible brand awareness. The major reason is that brands are able to access new clientele & customers in an easier & efficient way than other media options. Many may question that why choose social media as a career option? Well the answer is here. The trends have shown that the more you concentrate on your brand’s social media management services, the more profitable you are.

Hence, Social Media is in high demand as well as a social media management executive. These executives are the ones who help brands to increase their Brand awareness & ultimately the Brand Value.  They also help various MNCs & corporates to garner trust & loyalty of their customers. Today, the importance of a social media manager & executive have increased manifold. Hence, a career in Social Media is definitely safe & well paid. Above all it is something that will make you an independent person both personally & financially.

Further in this article you can browse through various pre-requisites & tips that you must remember while you choose to establish your career in Social Media.

You should have proper knowledge about the various social media sites-                                                                                                                       If you are enthusiastic about social media as your career, then you must have a good knowledge about various websites. These social media sites are very important for any brand to generate positive brand awareness. There are numerous such sites. Some of the prominent sites are listed below-

  • Facebook has become the most popular media site. The major reason is that it helps social media managers to express their brand’s worth & values easily. Facebook is one of the best online medium that helps executives to promote their brand & ultimately generate a tremendous brand name. Facebook also enables the media executives to build a fan page for their brands.
  • Twitter is another site where you can express your brand’s achievements. You should be able express your brand’s ideas effectively within a limit of 140 characters. On Twitter you should also be able to bookmark sites. These sites can help your brand to have access to qualified clientele & customers.
  • YouTube helps various social media executives to upload their brand’s video clips. You must be able to understand that the Brand’s ideas & whatever you show in the video must be always in sync. If you fail to do the same it will generate negative feedbacks about your brand identity.  Now let’s look at some important tips you must remember when you plan to make a career in Social Media.

If you are looking forward to make a career in social media management, then you must consider the following points.

You must write relevant content as per the target audience-                 In order to attract more users to your site & blogs; you must write appropriate & relevant content that meets your target audience’s need. The writings must be short & precise & not over exaggerated.

You must make the content easy for the reader to understand-             In order to make the blogs & sites reader friendly, you must use language which is simple & clear.

You should include authentic facts & data in your content-                    In order to maintain & increase the credibility of your brand; you should always include authentic facts & data in your content. This will help your brand to gain the reader’s trust as well as the loyalty of your customers.

You should make efforts to generate a positive feeling through your content-                                                                                                             In order to have a greater impact always; you should include certain positive notes in your content. This will help your brand to generate a positive feeling about your brand & the people will always remember the brand.

Hence, you are now aware of the advantages of career opportunities in Social Media & the important things you must remember. Overall, this is a very good career option & has potential for immense growth & success!

Job Opening for Senior Business Development Executive at Plobal| Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –
At Plobal, perfecting the art of attracting customers is an ongoing process. We are on the lookout for Some one who can add value to our sustained efforts, possesses a go-getter attitude, and does what it takes to get the job done.

Desired Candidate Profile : –

  • Should interact with social media agencies and brands for Plobal’s offerings.
  • Should have executed social media campaigns on behalf of brands.
  • Should be comfortable with using all social networking sites at an individual level and on behalf of a brand.
  • A thorough understanding of Plobal’s marketing and sales strategy and goals.
  • Identify and qualify new prospects within the assigned region through independent research as well as with prospects identified by Sales & Marketing Management.
  • Highly adaptable, persuasive, resilient and tolerant to stress.
  • Dedicated, and willing to work hard to achieve and exceed sales targets
  • Highly skilled at professional interaction at all levels.
  • Positive, energetic and a self- motivator.
  • Sell our products and services to leading brands in the Lifestyle Segment.
  • Assist in planning marketing and sales strategies.

Company Profile : –
Plobal as a social media platform is an interactive, mobile and web application that helps local businesses promote their latest events, offers and product launches and provides users with a platform to ask questions and get instant answers or recommendations from other locals and businesses. Plobal has reinvented the face of communication by uniting Lifestyle Industry business owners and users on a common, social media platform

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Job Opening for Community Evangelist at BigRock| Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –

  • Actively manage BigRock’s Social media handles- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ etc with the objective of increasing engagement
  • Proactively & reactively manage BigRock’s online reputation on forums and other media
  • Own the BigRock Blog and Newsletter and will be responsible for increasing engagement with BigRock’s customer base
  • Be required to create compelling content for mailers, banners, brochures, press releases etc.
  • Identify themes and trends in the social media space and recommend social strategies to maximize BigRock’s online visibility

Experience : –  2 years

Desired Candidate Profile : –

  • You have atleast 2 years of experience in a Digital agency or consumer internet business in a Social media/Content role.
  • You have a Bachelor’s or associate degree graduates in Communication English or English Literature / Mass Comm or equivalent.
  • You have a solid understanding of the social media universe including YouTube, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Flickr, Forums, Twitter, Wikis, blogs, etc
  • You produce compelling verbal and written communication
  • You have prior experience in copywriting or technical writing for established brands with a significant online presence
  • You are passionate about writing, with grammatically error-free and lucid writing skills.
  • You have a technical bent of mind and can blog at equal ease about Windows Hosting & BigRock team parties!!
  • You are an Idea storehouse.You love the Internet and have an opinion on various topics ranging from Net Neutrality to the rise of the ‘+1′ (bonus points!)

Company Profile : –
India’s #1 destination for Websites
Over 6 million customers trust our platform for Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Website Design and more

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Job Opening for Manager Media Planning at Social Wavelength| Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –

  •   Understand & decipher digital media brief
  • Planning and delivery of innovative and effective digital media plans.
  • Take complete ownership of the campaign & the promised delivery to the client.
  • Attend client calls/meetings
  • Involve yourself in campaign reviews, and enjoy making presentations to clients
  • Negotiate best value and rates with digital media vendors
  • Coordinate & guide creative team on engaging content & design
  • Keep the agency and our clients informed on the latest advertising options available on digital networks, site specific, mobile, tablet and new emerging media

Experience : –  2 – 4 years

Desired Candidate Profile : –

  • 2 – 4 years of demonstrated digital media experience (agency, publisher, network or technology vendor) and knowledge of digital and emerging media landscapes
  • Well-versed with advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • Experience solving problems creatively and articulating solutions and suggestions
  • Previously worked in a fast paced agency environment which required flexibility to manage ad-hoc requests
  • An excellent written and verbal communicator,  with ability to effectively liaise with different teams
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
  • A proficient user of MS Office tools

Company Profile : –
Social Wavelength
Social Media is quick, connected and contagious! Social Media is not a one-way communication platform but a wide ocean of conversations. Conversations that engage end users and help brands grow. At Social Wavelength, we specialize in initiating and maintaining meaningful conversations for various brands.

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Job Opening for Online Marketing Executive at SocioSquare| Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –

  • To write creative content for facebook, twitter and other social media platforms.
  • To be responsible for executing social media campaigns, focusing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogging and more.
  • The job entails executing social marketing campaigns that drive interactions and generate leads for clients.
  • Would be responsible for online media research & marketing.
  • Ensure that all conversations are logged and tracked.

Experience : – 1 year

Desired Candidate Profile : –

  • Good understanding of social media and at least 1 year of experience in online marketing.
  • Familiarity with internet marketing or web development is a plus.
  • Ability to write engaging online content.
  • Confident communication skills and excellent English, especially written.

Company Profile : –
Digital Media Evangelist with extensive experience in Internet applications, online video, and cable technologies. Previously, he was a Senior Team Leader at Comcast working on cutting edge media technologies. Gaurav holds a Masters Degree from The University of Pennsylvania.

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Job Opening for Social Media Executive at FoxyMoron| Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –
Primary Purpose of the Role: Responsible for driving the company culture, increasing revenue for the organization from the accounts the team/individual is managing.  This role is to direct the SMM team and represent the face of all digital channels to Foxy Moron’s Clients
Major Responsibilities & Deliverables:
Business Strategy, Direction & Positioning

● The ability to think about clients’ problems with regards to the objectives to be achieved through Digital Media (on various Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pintrest, Instagram, Mobile) and devise solutions through digital channels as and when required

● Monitor Digital & New Media industry trends and competitor offerings to identify potential business avenues and improve current offerings (better value for customer and better financial value for FoxyMoron)

● Driving innovation and creativity for the client

Account Execution

● Campaign Content Creation on various Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pintrest, Instagram

● conducting adequate research & gathering relevant material for interactive content development

● Strong focus on coming up with Innovative & Interactive Digital Media Campaigns & Ideas for the client

● Keeping up to date with changes and developments in the industry to inform through the Internal Communications Team

● Creating a buzz around the brand, product promotions, product launches and client-sponsored events

● Utilize Analytics to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of various aspects of the campaign such as community, traffic, conversations and engagements, leads and conversions

Company Profile : –
What started off in 2008 as a summer project between 4 friends turned into something bigger than they could ever imagine. FoxyMoron’s roots were based in an experiment. It was the thought of doing something no one else was, doing it because what’s life without a little mayhem, but most importantly, it was about doing things for the fun of it. It was that very philosophy that converted a little summer project into one of India’s leading independent digital agencies. We always do things differently, because we don’t know any other way.

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Job Opening for Social Media Manager at Interface Business Solutions(IBS)| Media Job in Mumbai | Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –
Through understanding of digital space with a 1 – 5 years of work experience.
We need a driven performer, who can develop creative solutions for clients, have deep industry knowledge and possess excellent networking skills in social media.
Ability to work for top notch brands.
Well presented with excellent communication skills.
Fully engaged with the latest industry developments.
We want to invest in and develop our people and set the highest possible standards within the industry. If this sounds like you and the sort of place you would like to work don’t delay and call us.

 Company Profile : –
Interface Business Solutions(IBS)
(formerly Interface Business Solutions) is an award winning unified media company providing digitally led solutions to top Indian & global brands

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Job Opening for New Business Development at Market Men Consumer Connect & Events Pvt.Ltd | Media Job in Mumbai| Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –
Procure business from New Clients for the organization in terms of Experiential Marketing Visibility Branding Events Conferences.
Very strong in lead generation follow up and closing the client independently.
Very good interpersonal skills.
A self-driven results-oriented attitude and a very aggressive personality
Procure PO from the client along with the advances before commencement of a particular assignment.
Preferably from a BTL Experiential Marketing background or a mix of agency corporate experience.
Quick witty and precise decision making ability so as to provide prompt solutions to the client along with the organization.
Closure of a particular project with the client following all legal footings.
Preferably female candidates.
Exposure understanding of activations roadshows promotions.
Experience : –  2-5years

Desired candidate Profile : –
A candidate having Event Industry exprience can only apply.

Company Profile : –
Market Men Consumer Connect & Events Pvt.Ltd 
Market Men Started in the year 1987.Market Men create unique customer focused communication branding solution through market research conceptualizing creation activation to give Client s Customer the complete brand experience. Market Men – is a Leading agency s with PAN India network of associate partners and strategic alliances specializing in BTL and brand promotion activities – Product Launches Sales Conferences LIVE Events Exhibitions Road-shows at Malls Multiplexes Trade outlets.

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Job Opening for PHP Developer at inoXapps Mobile Solutions in Noida| Media Job in Mumbai| Learning Catalyst Blog

Job Description : –
Looking for startup enthu PHP developers, who will be responsible for designing, developing and maintaining websites for our awesome applications.

Desired candidate Profile : –
· Expertise in PHP & MySQL/NOSQL with demonstrated ability to implement large scale systems.
· Working knowledge of Linux environment.
· Knowledge of the MVC paradigm.
· Knowledge of CodeIgniter or any other framework is preferred
· Should have developed a website from scratch.
· Ability to write and consume web services and REST services
· Hands on with JavaScript(preferably jQuery).
· Strong in Data Structures & Algorithms.
· Ability to work independently and seek answers.

Company Profile : –
inoXapps Mobile Solutions in Noida
We are a collection of fun-loving really smart people, whose mission is to ensure that people stay glued to their mobile phones all day. Be it looking for a new game to kill time or a new wife to kill monotony of daily life, be it searching for a job or finding new friends to rant about a football team that never f**in wins.

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