Getting the web analytics job that you want..

Web Analytics is a growing tribe in India. Here’s a page you should bookmark if you are keen to know the latest jobs in web analytics in India.


Also came across a nice post on advancing your web analytics career.

Check it out – it’s also got stuff on how to be political and how to make motivated reasoning your friend !





Adobe does it’s 7th buy in 2011 and 2nd one this month – Efficient Frontier.


Although their official press release would want us to believe that Efficient Frontier is a good buy for its “multi-channel” optimization,  it is best know for it’s Paid Search Optimization (bid management, etc..) tools.  This is for larger advertisers (say some one who is spending more than $100k a month on Adwords and other paid search tools). If you speak to any industry exec, he or she will tell you that EF is among the pricier tools. Interactive Avenues is a partner for EF in India

If you look at their top management page, you’ll see that there is an Indian names Anil Kamath who is behind the company’s core tech algorithms. Prior to founding eBoodle, Kamath was Vice President of International Equity Trading at D.E. Shaw & Co., a hedge fund that specializes in using quantitative models for program trading – an experience which would been of great help while building the core algorithms for bid management, etc..