The definition of SEO is changing

SEO is changing !

The practice of SEO is changing for good !

–  SEO professionals are weary of doing artificial link building in hordes after the JC Penny episode

– Some time back, the Google Panda Update meant that sites which have a lot of low quality not-unique (sometimes directly copied) content would be penalized. A lot of article writing sites like are facing the heat because of

Poor Content - out you go !!

this.  Because of this, SEO professionals are weary of using low quality article content as a means to boost SEO results.

The Playbook is here !!

It’s here to woo the hearts of tablet lovers, it’s here to give the corporate types less guilty of having fun off-work, its here to give i-Pad a run for it’s money..

The Blackberry Playbook is here ! The big question : will it rule the hearts of the retail section or would it be bulk orders from corporates and government..?

Playbook Blackberry