FMCG companies spend MORE than what they earn on ads !!

Read this if you don’t believe us And then they still shy away from digital - the most newsworthy examples are still Lays, Pepsi, Sunsilk and Dove - somewhat the same brands which got us talking few years back when they started doing new stuff on digital Why should FMCG, traditionally large advertisers, be not so excited about the medium Is it because the medium is considered less personal, but wasn't this argument buried with increasing bandwidth and richer media usage. Is it because Read more [...]

Yes, we’ve started a web security course but we were hacked once..

We'll need to go back here - go back to Aug 2009 - Two of us are systematically and kind of painstakingly putting the Learning Catalyst ( site up. Each course page requires us to put PPT's on slideshare and link them to the site. The back-end of the site was WordPress. Considering that there were just two of us working on finalizing the PPT copy, linking to Slideshare, doing final code changes on the site (our WordPress developer has deserted us),doing last-minute data entry, Read more [...]

When should small businesses start thinking about an ERP ?

- When you know you need to start keeping books formally and hence you need an accounting system for starters. - When you know that it's getting increasingly crazy to follow up on various kinds of invoices and payments received. And as a start-up, cash is king, queen and the entire royalty 🙂 - When you think that the best way to ensure process discipline is to get 'some' IT systems in place Join us as we battle these questions in the webinar on the best time for a small business to starting Read more [...]

Five things you ought to know about Learning Catalyst

We are expanding like nobody's business Apart from catering to working professionals, we’ve also started doing free events to launch our student courses in emerging areas like mobile application development, web security and digital marketing. The industry calls them career courses - we call them courses which make you a specialist. We are today present in four cities. (although there have been instances of people taking our courses online from locations Read more [...]