Bipin, the guest faculty for today’webinar foo dsd asio dll скачать Bipin’s the man for our webinar today.

викимапия интерактивная карта He is positively geeky and starts scaring you 2 minutes into a conversation with his knowledge of website programming and also the lack of it (web security) мангал буржуйка своими руками More formally, he is the Lead for the NULLOpen Security Group, an OWASP ESAPI-PHP Committer and part of IHP(Indian HoneynetProject) схема электропроводки в частном He is going to help us understand how websites can be more efficient, faster and more joyful on the front-end. It’s a technical topic but will be delivered in a manner so that even website owners can appreciate the relevance of this much-ignored aspect of websites. где в машине можно спрятать телефон Interested folks can register for free at

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