Bipin, the guest faculty for today’webinar

Bipin's the man for our webinar today. He is positively geeky and starts scaring you 2 minutes into a conversation with his knowledge of website programming and also the lack of it (web security) More formally, he is the Lead for the NULLOpen Security Group, an OWASP ESAPI-PHP Committer and part of IHP(Indian HoneynetProject) He is going to help us understand how websites can be more efficient, faster and more joyful on the front-end. It's a technical topic but will be delivered in a manner so Read more [...]

Dude, this website sucks !

Dude, this website sucks ! Does this sound familiar ? We reckon it could be the case given the large number of sub-optimal sites floating around today. What do you think was going on in the mind of the person who last said something like this? More often than not, he/she is dissatisfied with the performance of the front-end i.e the client. A lot of the perceived usability is tied in more with stuff like how fast a site loads and less with back-end stuff like credit card authentication. Optimizing Read more [...]

It’s time you befriended search engines

Join us today (Friday 13th Aug at 5:30) for a conversation with Vikram Ghotgalkar on some very interesting aspects of search engines. Register free at Vikram Ghotgalkar is out guest speaker for the webinar ' A detailed (yet non-scary introduction) to search engines' Something about Vikram • Worked with Tibco to implement a fuzzy logic based, smart search engine. • During his term at Pinstorm (a leading digital marketing agency) Vikram Read more [...]

Wolfram Alpha wants to compute “whatever can be computed about anything”

This is something on the 'about-us' page of Wolfram Alpha, a new specialized search engine which some say is serious competition to Google. "We aim to collect and curate all objective data; implement every known model, method, and algorithm; and make it possible to compute whatever can be computed about anything. " First of all, folks at Wolfram need to spell out this in more layman language !! But why are people talking about Wolfram. That's because for a lot of searches, especially factual searches, Read more [...]

Youtube was a dating site when it began

Youtube was a dating site when it started and this is how it looked. It basically allowed folks to upload videos about themselves and search for other interesting profiles when it started. Notice the " I am a male seeking...." part at the bottom of the image above which makes this evident. Today it has videos of everything under the sun and contributes to 30 percent of all Google searches. So it’s also a search engine of sorts and a rather important and specialized one now because of the volume Read more [...]